The Pilgrim

The Pilgrim keeled Sunday, March 29.

The Pilgrim, a full-sized replica of the merchantman brig immortalized by Richard Henry Dana, Jr. in his American seafaring classic novel "Two Years Before the Mast," keeled on March 29 and is incapacitated beyond repair.

The Pilgrim entered Dana Point Harbor in 1981, and has been the key vessel in Ocean Institute’s training program. Details about the causes on the incident are unknown at this time.

Dr. Wendy Marshall, president, Education and Operations Ocean Institute, said in a social media posting, “We are very sad to announce that Pilgrim, our beloved vessel that has served as an inspiring real-world classroom to hundreds of thousands of students and visitors, keeled overnight in her slip on our dock, rendering her useful life over."

According to Ocean Institute’s website, “As part of our maintenance process, Pilgrim undergoes out-of-the water and underwater inspections, in 2016 she was hauled out for survey and repairs and in October 2019, we began a fund to support the haul out and repair scheduled to take place in January 2020.

"The haul out was postponed until June due to overload at the yard. Meanwhile, Ocean Institute maintained our certifications and the United States Coast Guard issued a Certificate of Inspection (COI) in December and again in February, allowing our dockside programs to continue.”

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