The 29th annual Long Beach Century Club Middle School All-City awards banquet was the biggest yet, with close to 800 athletes, coaches, and family members on hand to accept awards for being the best in the Long Beach Unified School District in the 2016-17 school year.

Century Club president Keith Hansen organized the banquet for the second consecutive year on Tuesday at the Grand Events Center with the assistance of Sam Breuklander who had the reins for the first 27 years.

“It’s fulfilling to see these kids in this light and it’s exciting to see the sportsmanship,” Hansen said. “I’m proud that the district still has students like this and the Long Beach Century Club is 100% behind middle school sports.”

Each school receives a plaque for its All-City teams with a photo of the team, and each athlete receives a plaque to take home with their name on it.

“Those that live in Long Beach may not realize how fortunate they are to have such a philanthropic group that spends thousands of dollars on middle school, high school, and college athletes in our city,” LBUSD middle school sports coordinator Lisa Ulmer said. “Very few cities have a group that cares so much about its youth and athletics as you grow up.”

At the end of each year, schools are awarded for their participation and success in each sport as they are awarded points depending on their finish. A team receives six points for a first place finish, five for a second place finish, and on down the line. Each team that wins an All-City championship receives an extra two points, while runners-up receive an additional one point. All of the points are added together to determine the overall sports championships.

Hughes swept the overall championships for best sports programs in Division 1 winning the girls, boys, and combined overall sports awards. It’s Hughes’ sixth combined overall sports award in the last seven years. The Hughes girls’ program has won six out of the last seven overall championships as well with the help of the girls’ basketball team, who has won eight consecutive All-City titles. The girls’ basketball streak of eight titles in a row is the longest run of championships in Long Beach middle school history

The overall championships for best sports programs in Division 2 were given to Tincher (girls), Keller (girls), Colin Powell Academy (boys), and Keller (combined). It was Tincher’s third straight overall girls’ championship as both the basketball and track and field teams’ won their fourth consecutive titles. Powell won its second-ever boys’ championship, while Keller won its first-ever combined championship with two All-City titles in the girls’ division.

The Howard Lyon sportsmanship awards were given to Rogers (Division 1) and Muir (Division 2).

Here is a complete list of the All-City champions in each sport with Division 1 listed first followed by the Division 2 champion:

Girls’ volleyball: Stanford and Keller; flag football: Marshall and Newcomb; girls’ basketball: Hughes and Tincher; boys’ basketball: Hoover and Gompers; girls’ track: Hughes and Tincher; girls’ soccer: Hughes and Keller; and boys’ soccer: Stephens and Powell.

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