Dorothy Carpi

Dorothy Carpi at work in the Long Beach Rescue Mission kitchen in December.

When people need help, Dorothy Carpi answers the call.

Over the past 25 years, Carpi has volunteered thousands of hours at the Long Beach Rescue Mission. As soon as a need is expressed, Carpi jumps in with both feet.

Since 1971, the Long Beach Rescue Mission has provided “food, clothing, shelter, and spiritual guidance to the homeless and less fortunate people of the community.” In a variety of ways, the Mission offers care and encouragement to those in need. To service its many clients, the Mission relies on support from the community.

“Every time I put out a request for assistance, Dorothy is one of the first to respond,” said Nick Roberts, volunteer program coordinator at the Long Beach Rescue Mission. “She’s always happy to cook meals, sort dry goods, lead a Bible study, take care of set-up and clean-up, wrap Christmas presents, or do whatever else we need. She’s just wonderful.”

Roberts praised Carpi’s energy and positivity and said she is well liked by everyone who interacts with her.

Last April, COVID-19 caused Capri to be furloughed from her job at Walters Wholesale Electric Co. She said that in her mind, the extra time was an opportunity to do more at the Mission. She began to volunteer three or four times a week.

“It felt like she was going to the Mission every day,” said her son Terry Moseby. “But she loves doing it. My mom has a huge heart and she loves everyone.”

Carpi spoke about her efforts.

“I help others because I think it’s what God wants us to do,” she said. “I’m just trying to be obedient to that.”

Her service at the Mission started in 1996. When her church began offering services at the site, Carpi joined the worship team. Over the years, she has continued singing and has taken on an array of additional tasks.

“I started helping with a lot of holidays and special events,” Carpi said. “Easter, Christmas, the start of the school year — they kept needing help, so I just kept signing up. I am lucky because my company is flexible about my hours. Before COVID, I would sometimes go to work really early so that I could leave work early and go volunteer.”

Carpi said the Mission staff and the other volunteers are a tremendous joy to her.

“The people there always have a smile,” she said. “That’s part of what draws me in and keeps me coming back.”

She said she also loves connecting with the residents and hearing their stories.

“We all have struggles and troubles,” she said. “Life is not easy for anyone. But the people there are very open about their mistakes. Some of them have come so far. It’s amazing to sit and just listen.”

Impressed by the outpouring of kindness at the Mission, Carpi said it is exactly where she would go if she ever needed assistance.

“The Mission cares for people,” she said. “It’s easy to be there because everyone is so helpful and humble.”

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