new palms

A crew works to plant two Queen Palms in March in front of Naples Elementary School.

Two more tall Queen Palms stand as sentinels now at the entrance to Naples Elementary School, thanks to the Naples Islands Garden Club.

The 18-foot-tall trees were planted in March as part of the club's annual Arbor Day celebration. The club has planted multiple trees on and around the school campus over the years.

"I would like to share our gratitude to our partners, Naples Islands Garden Club," principal Athena Uribe said. "They have come through for us once again, fully funding the purchase and planting of these trees. Thank you for keeping our school and Naples Island a beautiful place to live, work, and learn."

Last month, the club installed a new LED lighting system at the Naples Plaza median to shine on the olive trees and Iceberg roses there. The club's first beautification project, in 2002, was planting those roses and trees, beautification chair Sandy Davidson said.

Members have maintained the median since then.

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