I've noticed that when guys at coffee shops are asked whether they want whipped cream atop their flavored drinks, they almost always bravely opt to go without.

Which may explain why one fellow in front of me at a Belmont Shore shop explained why he answered yes.

"The whip cream helps the straw go into the opening (in the lid) easier," he said.

Hey, someone's got to report on this important field research.

• That time of the year again: Congrats, Dads. One of my favorite Father's Day signs proclaimed 25% off on "all knives" (see photo).

only in lb father's day

• What with the windy weather and all, I was reminded of a great line by the novelist Raymond Chandler.

In "Red Wind," Chandler wrote of gales that "make your nerves jump and your skin itch. On nights like that, every booze party ends up in a fight and meek little housewives feel the edge of a carving knife and study their husbands' necks..."

• Up the 405, El Segundo is celebrating its 100th birthday. I scanned one website, which was full of congratulations as well as this puzzling comment from a reader:

"I left my wallet in El Segundo."

Turns out that is precisely the title of a rap song by A Tribe Called Quest. It refers to the "Sanford and Son" TV show of last century which evidently had a running joke in which Fred Sanford (Redd Foxx) would frequently mention El Segundo as a joke, as "Godzilla Eats El Segundo," for example.

Tony Bennett's love song about San Francisco may also have played a part.

Anyway, El S now has its name in a song title in the tradition of such locals as "When Veronica Plays Her Harmonica Down on the Pier at Santa Monica," "I Left My Liver in the L.A. River," and, of course, Jackson Browne's "It's Been Raining Here in Long Beach" (obviously written many years ago).

• It's nice to know I have some influence in this town. I've written before about nearly being flattened by bicyclists who run STOP signs and/or red traffic signals. The other day I was out for a walk when two furiously pedaling bicyclists approached a STOP sign (and me) at full speed. Then one of the pedalers shouted "Rolling" as they ran the STOP sign, nearly flattening me.

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