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Wants Apology 

Dear Editor,

Your publication owes a further explanation to your readers and an apology to the Hon. Steve Kuykendall and his family due to the publication of the “Another View” column published on Oct. 8, 2020.

The editor’s note “explains” that the letter was received past the deadline for the previous week’s edition but because it was addressing “Another View” from September 24, it was printed.  For weeks your publication has clearly stated that it wouldn’t publish electioneering letters beyond October 1, yet this letter was allowed.

A few weeks ago your publication included a pullout section entirely devoted to kindness, every week your publication has a CommUNITY (your emphasis) section; yet you chose to overlook your own rules to publish a letter whose purpose was to further our division while literally adding insults to this injury.

I have served on a number of boards with Steve and although I didn’t meet him while he was fighting for our country in the Marines or representing his community as a legislator, I have seen first hand his integrity and passion for his community.  He does not deserve to be impugned the way your publication allowed. I reiterate that he and his family deserve an apology.

Salvador Farfán

Long Beach

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