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Little Patience

Dear Editor,

I hear on the news that Long Beach is starting the next tier of vaccinations next week. What happened to some of us elderly folk? 

I have left messages, sent e-mails, etc. The phone calls have not been returned. One e-mail (to the Health Department) was returned; I filled out the forms, only to find out that there are no appointments.

They say, be patient; I am running out of patience!

Margarita Gajicki

Long Beach

Deep Appreciation

Dear Editor,

Words are inadequate to express my deep appreciation for the Herculean task perfected in conducting COVID vaccinations at the Long Beach convention center.   

From the initial greeters, smiling traffic directors to the efficient/caring nurses giving shots – it is amazing.  Citizens of Long Beach owe you a great debt of gratitude.

And, personally, thank you very, very much. Your service will be remembered.

Donna Reckseen, president emerita

Memorial Medical Center Foundation

Residents First

Dear Editor,

As a 71-year-old Long Beach resident who has been unable to get an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccination for over two weeks, I was appalled by Mayor Garcia’s comments in the Jan. 21 Grunion that the Health Department “ has asked to partner with the Los Angeles County Health Department to absorb neighboring cities, including Signal Hill, Paramount, and Lakewood to handle vaccination distribution for those cities.”

This coming from a Health Department that had taken over a week to respond to my request to be placed on the list for an appointment, and telling me to go to another site to register, and that they will notify me when appointments are available, and to thank me for my patience.  

In another article in the Grunion, Kelly Colopy, Director of Health and Human Services stated, “We have received more than 15,000 emails and calls. This past weekend, we responded to more than 10,000 emails and returned more than 2,500 calls; please be patient and know that if you contact us, you will hear back, even if it takes a few days.”

Receiving an automatic email telling you to go to another site to register days after sending in a request (per their instructions), and then receiving a lengthy stock response to your registration a week later giving lengthy instructions on what to do when you get the link is not reassuring that our city is responding to our needs, especially when other articles state that all appointments are taken within minutes of the link being opened. 

How about taking care of the residents of Long Beach before taking on neighboring cities.

Patricia Jackson

Long Beach

Shikata Ga Nai

Dear Editor,

While I've never associated the famed saying "shikata ga nai" with distance learning, Sharleen Higa's splendid article on Jan. 21 brought to mind Chapter 2 of “Farewell to Manzanar,” by which many people first encountered the phrase. 

The author (Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston)'s translation goes "It cannot be helped" and then, less familiarly, "It must be done." I often heard the phrase in Hiroshima, where I lived 40-some years ago. It tends to signify resignation about an overwhelming situation. 

As I turned 70 this year, I might have felt the same way about the "riot" that took place in the nation's capitol. And yet, I strongly identify with and admire what Ms. Higa wrote: "Persevering through the impossible" is a brilliant way of applying 'shikata ga nai' to what happened in Washington, D.C.

Bill Teweles

Long Beach

Debit Card Heads-Up

Dear Editor,

Thank you for doing your Jan. 22 column on the matter of the Second Stimulus Debit Card situation. 

There is much reason for concern here — I just talked with a tenant who may have overlooked the card if he had gotten one, although in his case I don't think he did.  Right now he is perusing your "Don't Throw That Card Away" column, which I just gave to him to read.

My personal experience with my card: I got the card in the mail and was able to ascertain that it was legitimate. The only thing I found funny was that my last name was omitted from the card, so that it read only Dale Jr instead of the more complete and accurate Dale Whitney Jr. 

I then took the card and accompanying printed materials in to my bank, F&M Bank’s downtown branch, to ask them if I should cash it (this was on Jan. 15). They said go ahead and cash it, because the money was mine and was available to me in the form of the debit card, even though neither I nor the F&M staff had ever heard of the bank that had evidently issued the card. The card was indeed worth the $600 Second Stimulus amount, which I confirmed by using the bank's ATM.

As my friend the aforementioned tenant would say: Onward!

Dale Whitney Jr.

Long Beach

Debit Card Saga

Dear Editor,

Thanks so much for your column about the EIP card. After spending a very frustrating hour or so finding and figuring out how to access the IRS website I was informed my payment "was scheduled to be mailed on Jan. 6." 

Well, I figured, that was more than two weeks ago, so I must have discarded it, as you feared. After all, I get tons of junk mail, frequently in the form of insurance solicitations or other sales pitches often with cards enclosed.

so back I go to the IRS website. After another hour going nuts, trying vainly to figure out how to obtain a replacement, I gave up. Decided to just forget about it. Shut down my trusty Chromebook. 

Needed to stretch. Took a stroll down to the lobby, and checked my mailbox. Guess what was inside? Yes indeed, the EIP letter with my card! Thanks again for the heads up. I guess.

Corey Bennett

Long Beach

Street Sweep Robber

Dear Editor,

Our city robber riding a city sweeper robs the city twice a week between Cherry/Alamitos. 

Robber drives so fast he leaves a tornado of dirt. Driver goes so fast that ticket takers are blocks behind and he is a loud beacon to parkers that here I am you have plenty of time to move your car so you are not cited. 

While all this is happening our civil servant can sit down at Alamitos waiting for chase cars. So somebody needs to wake up and do an analysis of how much this civil servant robs the city coffers. It’s worse now that he only comes every other week. 

For 43 years I have cleaned up the leaves from the massive trees here when I moved in. So where is the vacuum in LBC Public Works that allows this to continue? It brings vermin, mosquitos, insects, flies and trash that he leaves. 

Previous councilpersons, and the same people at Public Works, have not been able to take steps to tame this city robber. Can you help, please? Make this guy slow down, cite him for failure to perform his duties. Make hIm stop in his tracks and wait for the revenue before moving on. 

Our dense streets require extra attention. This rouge civil servant isn't driving a sweeper on beautiful streets with no cars parked in Bixby Knolls. We deserve effective and regular service.

Jim Estes

Alamitos Heights


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