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JetBlue Loss

Dear Editor,

I read with dismay that JetBlue, for years a wonderful example of corporate citizenship here, is giving up on Long Beach.

The City Council is getting what it asked for when they denied JetBlue permission to expand to international flights out of LGB. That would have brought dozens of good-paying private jobs plus a federal customs house and all the attendant federal jobs and economic activity that would have come with it.

The City Council catered to a loud but small minority of residents, those who KNEW they were under a flight path when they bought their property, at the expense of the rest of the people who live and work here in Long Beach.

Now with JetBlue moving to LAX, Long Beach will get all the downside and none of the benefits of their growth — passengers booked on international trips drive right up the 405 past LGB. They clog our freeway and contribute nothing to Long Beach. Plus there is now no apparent place between maxed-out LAX and San Diego to handle international flight growth, now that the El Toro runways are gone, sold off to developers. 

The short-sightedness is breathtaking.

Jerry Sink

Bluff Heights

Utility Increase

Dear Editor,

Defeat a utility increase. 

The Water Department is looking to increase your water and sewer rates, again. It is never ending rate increases with utilities. 

To stop them, we simply need to have a "Majority Protest.” 

Send an email with your name and street address to Say "protest rate increase.” That is all you have to do.

There comes a time when enough is enough — it is always something for higher fees, taxes, rates, etc.

Your home or at work, send the email, NOW! I did.

Dan Jackson

Long Beach

Whose Deaf Ears?

Dear Editor,

When it comes to "deaf ears" — and blind eyes, as well — Gary Christensen's letter in the July 16 Grunion Gazette is a prime example!  

Christensen's first error is assuming that the "vast majority" of Grunion staff are "Democrat party supporters" — which may or may not be the case, but is irrelevant regardless, as professional journalists set aside their personal politics for the greater good. I ought to know, having published an award-winning weekly newspaper in Eastern Connecticut for 10 years. Our staff never misused that paper for our own politics; nor does the Grunion.

Christensen's second — and far worse — error, is to blame Democrats for "ever increasing taxes, regulations, loss of employers ... and ever increasing economic strife."  It has not been Democrats whose actions and inactions have made the present pandemic infinitely worse than it had to be, so that America's COVID-19 case curve is by far the worst in the world.  

It has not been the Democrats who blocked the conviction of the impeached absolute worst president in American history for his blatant "high crimes and misdemeanors,” including selling out our country to Putin's Russia. It has not been the Democrats whose cowardly sycophantic leaders tolerate, and even encourage, our moron-in-chief to continue and even expand his endless violations of the Constitution, his oath of office, and common sense.

While there have indeed been mistakes on all sides, including poor decisions about "re-opening America" before the coronavirus was sufficiently controlled, no fair-minded person would take the inaccurate, simplistic, and unbalanced stance that Christensen takes by using those mistakes to unfairly tarnish one party which he dislikes. When it comes to "deaf ears" — and blind eyes — Christensen mainly demonstrates his own!

Dr. Eugene Elander

Belmont Shore

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