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More Kindness

Dear Editor,

I really appreciate the nice words in your recent “Kindness” section describing the work of Long Beach Meals on Wheels and my work on its behalf as a “friendly visitor.”

I’d like, however, to recognize the good work of my “partner in crime,” the person who drives me to our clients — Paul Rosa. The Rosa name is well known and deeply respected in Long Beach and especially in the Long Beach firefighter community.

What isn’t generally known is that Paul and his wife Jean have worked as volunteers in various capacities for more than 10 years. The Rosas will soon be relocating to the San Diego area and will be greatly missed.

They richly deserve to be recognized for their longstanding Kindness.”

Bob Shannon

Long Beach

Wants Stop Signs

Dear Editor,

It is true that Long Beach has a big roundabout which is at the minimum exciting to negotiate, but can be dangerous for the faint of heart.

But cars stop at stop signs, especially when pedestrians are waiting to cross. By ripping out perfectly good stop signs and constructing roundabouts at a cost of who knows what, cars now typically do not stop at these roundabouts, thus creating an even more dangerous scenario.

You now must completely wait for all four lanes to be clear of oncoming cars to cross or you take the risk of being run over.

Roundabouts were abandoned hundreds of years ago for a better mousetrap called — stop signs.

If politicians want to slow cars down, a simple speed bump will suffice.

Tim Moore

Long Beach

Opposes Tax Extension

Dear Editor,

The city of Long Beach ballot proposition is a new tax. Our so-called leaders want to say it is not new because it is an extension of a tax that is supposed to expire.

These so-called leaders make false claims that we need Measure A. What we need are new leaders who know how to prioritize a budget and live within it.

Police, Fire and infrastructure should be totally funded before anything else get funds. That is why we have local government. That includes functioning fire stations and NOT years to replace what they have underfunded and allowed to waste away. We want leaders and not political hacks planning our futures.

Leaders who fund repairs to the damaged Bellflower Boulevard and bill Edison for their negligence and don't wait months for repairs that are going to take more months.

They use expensive consultants to tell them where road repairs need to be made. They drive around with laser mounted vehicles. Why don't City Council persons and staff walk/ride their bikes/drive and note the obvious road defects/potholes/broken sidewalks for attention?

Do not fall for their broken record repeating over and over that if you want road repairs, police or fire services you must give them more and more money.

Nonsense. Vote no and vote the incumbents out and replace them with fiscally responsible people.

John T. Anderson

Long Beach

Move Dog Beach

Dear Editor,

Last week I was jogging along the beach at Rosie’s Dog Beach and noticed a woman taking photos of a man enjoying the water with his dog, which brought a smile to my face. I turned around to head back when the dog began to head for the beach.

For a moment I paused, thinking the dog was about to chase me as I’ve had that happen in the past. Instead, the owner called his dog then leashed him. Needless to say, I was grateful.

As I headed back, I noticed another dog that looked like a pitbull mix running fast from his owner toward the other man, who quickly guarded his dog. I yelled to the pitbull mix owner that he should keep his dog on a leash, to which he replied “it’s an unleashed beach.”

When the pitbull mix owner finally reached where his dog was, he attempted to grab the dog but it ran circles around the other man, who was crouched down in the water protecting his dog. It was alarming to observe, so I ran back to inform the owner of the unleashed dog that it’s an unleashed beach only for dogs you can control.

This is the second time that I’ve experienced a loose dog at Rosie’s Dog Beach assault someone. The first time, it was me as I jogged along the shoreline. A dog chased me to which the owner said something like “I don’t know why my dog always chases runners.”

Why can’t Rosie’s Dog Beach move to an area on the beach that isn’t frequented by people? The current location is near a parking lot; subsequently, people park there to access the beach. How about moving the dogs’ beach to the east end where you’ll find fewer people (if any) hanging out or jogging?

Yvonne Levy

Long Beach

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