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How To Help?

Dear Editor,

Here where I live near the water, I see dozens of people weekly, maskless, not social distancing and seemingly oblivious to the dangers they are facing.

I don’t like to generalize, but it seems as though most are young. Sadly, I also see many homeless people sleeping and sitting in doorways, or walking aimlessly, poorly clothed, in falling apart shoes, also not masked.

How to reach these people? How about mask giveaways at central locations? How about interesting-looking flyers with information chosen to be informative and non-judgmental given out at the same time?

I can be almost sure the people I'm referring to are not listening to ordinary communication methods, like radio or television. I’ve noticed though, that people are also unwilling to obtain better information then they have. It seems to me that one-to-one communication is best, but how to get people to listen?

I want to help with this issue, but how?

Barbara Bransford

Long Beach

Need Green Space

Dear Editor,

A park instead of a storage facility along the LA River just north of the 405 Freeway is a great idea that deserves reconsideration by our city government.

Such a green space would compliment the river bike path, horse trail, and the Dominguez Gap wetlands area immediately to the north, which are already used for recreation by many.

There also is a large vacant parcel just South of the freeway that might be included in such a development, north of the existing dog park adjacent, on Wardlow Avenue.

The Pacific Place lot in question is currently criss-crossed by dirt bike trails. Despite a prohibition of motor vehicles (there is zero enforcement), those motorbikes sometimes race over onto the bike/pedestrian path. There are homeless encampments near both the freeway overpass and the Metro Blue (A) line tracks.

I often walk along the LA River from 34th Street to the wetlands. How wonderful it would be for this area to be a greenbelt instead of a scary, abandoned industrial wasteland!

Corey Bennett

Long Beach

Aquarium Branding

Dear Editor,

While visiting Long Beach, I read your Dec. 17 article, “Aquarium of Pacific Needs Public’s Help.”

Moved by the story, I walked from my hotel to the aquarium and was surprised to find no sign on, or even near, the building that identifies it as being the aquarium.

Though I’m sure locals know and hold special what looks like a wonderful facility, for the many of us not familiar with your community, I would think signage and branding on the building itself would be a priority. Had I been out for a simple walk and happened upon the structure, I would likely pass by, never knowing what I just viewed.

Casey Woodard


Editor’s Note: While there is no signage on the new Pacific Visions addition, there is a large Aquarium of the Pacific sign on the point of the original building, facing the plaza.

Plan No Restoration

Dear Editor,

Out with the old Los Cerritos Wetlands, in with the new flood control basins and berms! 

On Thursday, Jan. 7, the Los Cerritos Wetlands Authority will, for the third time, attempt to meet and approve its Los Cerritos Wetlands Restoration Plan PEIR. You can attend the online meeting at 12:30 p.m. on Jan. 7.

The "Restoration" Plan will bulldoze, flood, and/or bury existing wetlands and tribal cultural resources in order to expand flood control protection for oil operations and commercial properties. The plan incorporates Beach Oil Minerals’ new oil pipeline and expanded oil extraction, and additional buildings/parking/ bike and walking trails in a wildlife preserve along the Newport Inglewood Fault subject to liquefaction, sea rise and tsunamis. 

It does not respect this Traditional Tribal Property within the Sacred Site of Puvungna nor maintain or enhance historic wetlands. The Los Cerritos Wetlands Task Force asks the community to:

1) Review the project and submit a comment card at:

Comments can also be emailed to

2) Join the meeting via Zoom at

Or by phone at 1-669-900-9128

Meeting ID: 841 3339 1781

Passcode: 870038.

Council member Suzie Price represents the city of Long Beach on the four-member Los Cerritos Wetlands Authority (LCWA) Board. Council member Roberto Uranga represents the Rivers and Mountains Conservancy on the LCWA Board. Consider also contacting them directly to share your concerns at

Anna Christensen

Long Beach


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