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Mourning JetBlue 

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your Mailbox information and interest in Long Beach.

Many of us are so sorry to hear that JetBlue is leaving the Long Beach airport. It has been a class act airline and it was so wonderful to be able to fly to New York City or Oakland or San Francisco.

Living in the Los Cerritos area, their flights have never been aa problem — we only notice the weekend maneuvers if the Armed Forces.

Friends from Orange County come to Long Beach to fly JetBlue and they are a quality airline. So sorry Long Beach doesn't appreciate quality. Landing and walking across the street to take a cab and be home in 15 minutes can't be beat.

Fran Koegel

Long Beach

Need Post Office 

Dear Editor,

I am very concerned over news accounts regarding postal service.

I am disabled; and have voted by mail for decades.

Throughout my now septuagenarian life, one of the best constants is the professional service provided by the U.S. Postal Service.

Lakewood annals can testify that I have often complimented postal workers. Tami McDonald was superb in assisting me in the past.

Carriers are indefatigable in carrying out their job in all kinds of weather and so many, with a smile of greeting when someone appears.

And, of course, it goes without saying, they and others are on the front line during this pandemic providing the crucial services we all depend upon.

This election has me so concerned. I am praying that families will facilitate vote by mail in-home events, make copies, hand carry to voting registrar’s office and watch.  

Whatever it takes to ensure our democracy is not tampered with. I know I can count on the city of Lakewood. My prayers are constant!

Mary Josephine Guzzetta

Long Beach

Legislative Failure 

Dear Editor,

So Assemblyman (Patrick) O’Donnell considers the 2020 legislative session a success?  

Glaringly overlooked in the story was his Yes vote on SB145. The bill would eliminate automatic sex offender registration for adults having anal or oral sex with a minor as long as the age difference between the two parties is 10 years or less. 

I would love to hear O’Donnell’s defense of this horrendous bill.

Barry Bosscher

Long Beach

Development Racism 

Dear Editor,

When folks run out of insults and accusations, a common thread lately to call a receiving party racist. Bob Fox?  Really?

In 1968, with the tearing down of a single family home and building of the Galaxy at Ocean and Orizaba, neighborhood preservation groups formed. In Bluff Park, that included registering key properties in the National Registry of Historic Places. 

Bob Fox is a modern-day advocate of preservation. At present there is no racial qualification to buy into a middle-class neighborhood, unlike the covenants of the past.

Long Beach has had a long history of racism, from the forming and funding in 1909 of the Municipal Band to exclude non-Anglo-Americans to the Ku Klux Klan rally of 1926 to recently the city denying a Persian family from reconstructing what was a termite-infested home into something usable. The wood-beam hulk of that house stood empty for a decade; eventually, an Anglo-American developer bought the house and implemented, with the support of the city, a reconstruction of that house.

This is the actual crux of the issue. The city of Long Beach has for decades been influenced by developers. In the 1980s, developers were knocking-down single-family homes to build "pink palaces" (4-plex apartment buildings) and knocking down wonderful historic structures such as the Jergins Trust Building in hopes to build something new for a good profit (never happened in this case). This was the time of Mayor Ernie Kell, a developer.  

It is a total fallacy to believe that all low-income people are persons of color.  A decade ago I worked part-time as a No Child Left Behind tutor; I taught all races, some in the North Long Beach projects, which were well-run from what I remember and had centralized and efficient social-services and free wi-fi. This works; distributing low-income rentals in middle-class areas would not work as well. 

What has really happened is that the developers are now hiding behind urban-redevelopment plans.

Andy Pesich

Bluff Park

School Failure 

Dear Editor,

I cannot begin to express how incredibly disappointed I am in our school district. 

There has been no communication as to why our schools must remain closed until at least the end of January while other local schools are opening. This decision is incredibly short-sighted and does not in any way consider our children’s education or mental health. It also does not consider how far behind our children will fall because they have not been allowed to return to school.  

I am a proud graduate of LBUSD and I have always taken pride in how our school district has been able to excel in such a large and diverse city. LBUSD was an instrument for bridging the gap between the “haves” and “have nots” through education.  

Not returning to school only widens this gap. It saddens me to realize that this once great school district will become subpar over its handling of its learning environment over the 2020 year. I think of all the hard work lost and all of the kids who no longer have the opportunity to better themselves through education excellence. 

I urge the school board and school district to reevaluate plans for learning for the 2020 to 2021 school year.  

Remy Tams

Long Beach

Commission Job 

Dear Editor,

Thank you for publishing the strong rebuttals to Milton Smith’s written attack on CD2 candidate Robert Fox.

You did make a notation to the comments of Jim Goodin and Pat Mills that doesn’t sit well with me.

You noted that Mr. Smith is on the Health and Human Services Commission, but does not work for the city. Commissioners are now paid by the city, which means they work for the city. And it’s been shown, most recently, that if you are in any way in disagreement with the mayor’s office, you won’t be holding a commission post for very long.

For instance, Dr Garcia has chosen to replace three members of the CPCC (citizen police complaint commission) who disagreed with city manager Tom Modica’s dismissal of more than 90% of charges against police who have been investigated for actions not suitable to their positions.

Dr Garcia, of course, replaced these three commissioners with people in lockstep with him. If that’s the way commissions are run, why bother to have such a commission in the first place?

Anne Proffit

East Village

Needing Kindness 

Dear Editor,

We need kindness right now — thank you for helping with bringing that back into our lives. I feel like I am becoming numb from all the hatred, all the name calling, all the bullying, all the lies. 

We are bombarded in the print news, on social media, on TV — everywhere. Horrible photos and videos of violence toward another human being are too vivid and scary.

I have to again find the kindness in the world.  I shared a video on Facebook the other day that showed a variety of animals hugging each other or hugging humans — all kinds of species. It was such a sweet break and it made me smile. 

 Thank you for doing this Kindness section.  I am looking forward to smiling.

Alix Epley Traver

Long Beach

Synthetic Turf 

Dear Editor,

The proposed synthetic turf soccer field at El Dorado Park is both fiscally and environmentally irresponsible.

Long Beach is facing a $20 million budget shortfall and this project will consume over 10%.

A recent Next Door poll of the adjacent neighborhoods showed that 79% of the 740 respondents opposed the project as currently planned.

Neighbors complained that the project was pushed through City Council with little input and no discussion to address the impacts to residents. The onset of COVID-19 created a perfect storm for a conflict between council attempting to get something accomplished and residents struggling to be heard.

The project’s original scope of $1.8 million has grown to $2.3 million. This trajectory is disconcerting.

Maintenance costs for synthetic turf fields are higher than natural grass fields. The maintenance cost of this project has not been addressed.

Health and safety concerns of synthetic turf fields are well documented. The fields must be vacuumed, cleaned with detergents and rinsed with potable water. Studies have shown significant health risks to children from these detergents.

A well designed, well constructed natural grass field provides lower initial costs, lower regular maintenance costs and superior health and environmental benefits to the entire community.

Synthetic fields produce micro plastics, inhibit soil percolation, and needlessly add waste to our landfills at end of life.

We respectfully ask that the Mayor and City Council meet with residents and reconsider this project’s viability.

Renee Belville

Long Beach


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