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Great Insight 

Dear Editor,

Thank you, Mike Guardabascio, for your Nov. 19 article describing two sides of this pandemic.

I am fortunate to have a comfortable retirement cushion after many years at a white-collar job. But I have also in the last year chosen to work at a retail business classified as essential, and it has really opened my eyes to different experiences and perspectives.

However, I could not have described the divide as well as you did and I appreciate you bringing attention to it. We all feel frustrated with the current situation at times but have to get through it together.

Putting aside politics, practicing patience, kindness, and a little empathy will make this journey easier for all of us.

Inger Nelson


Pool Opponents 

Dear Editor,

The Long Beach Area Peace Network analyzes, educates, and advocates on local peace and justice issues. We oppose the racial and environment injustices of the Belmont Beach and Aquatic Center.

The Coastal Commission’s Environmental Justice Policy states: “The Commission will examine the level of inclusive access to public recreation… Coastal development should be inclusive for all who work, live, and recreate on California’s coast and provide equitable benefits for communities that have historically been excluded, marginalized, or harmed… Where project impacts to disadvantaged or overburdened communities are identified, the Commission staff shall propose permit conditions to avoid or mitigate those impacts to underserved communities.”

City leaders want the BBAC competitive venue in Belmont Shore, the wealthiest, whitest corner of the city. Adding an occasional free bus does not solve years of environmental and racial injustice.

Our majority-minority city has failed to provide marginalized neighborhoods with swimming instruction and public recreation at community pools. We are a city in crisis — ongoing police abuse, deportations, and Covid-19 deaths and loss of income, food, and housing. It is time to prioritize.

Meanwhile, the extravagant BBAC is promoted by our Mayor, City Manager, and Council members for local sports, recreation, and the one-time Olympics, forgetting the investment will be washed away by a rising ocean. Yes, build, if we have finances for lovely pools for our marginalized neighborhoods at the same time.

Karen Harper

Belmont Shore

Stunning Decision

Dear Editor,

I'm stunned. After scores of people testified against allowing Un-hosted Short Term Rentals with horror stories of having to live next to party houses and more, and hotel workers pleaded to save their jobs, the Long Beach City Council voted 9-0 to allow Un-hosted Short Term Rentals (STRs).  

In Long Beach, this must the end of democracy. It is certainly the end of civility and wishes of communities.  

For some people it is the beginning of long-term poverty. For the victors, it is the beginning of unbridled wealth at the expense of nearly everyone else. The yes move was spearheaded by Jeannine Pearce with Suzie Price not far behind. For a while I expected at least Roberto Uranga to vote against it. Nope.

Just last year, a federal appeals court upheld Santa Monica's ban on STRs. As mighty as AibBnb and VRBO are, they can be defeated. Much of the California coast has bans on STRs. But not Long Beach.

Again, I'm stunned.

Andy Pesich

Bluff Park

No Restoration Here

Dear Editor,

According to the Grunion’s article, the goal, and “overriding benefit” of the Los Cerritos Wetland Authority’s Program Environmental Impact Report is the “restoration” of the Los Cerritos Wetlands, even if it means erasing the existing ecosystem and tribal cultural resources in the process. 

The California Society for Ecological Restoration defines “restoration” as “emulating the structure, function, diversity, and dynamics of an ecosystem,” by either rehabilitating it or reestablishing what previously existed. Whereas “habitat creation” establishes an ecosystem on lands that did not previously support it. 

So is it restoration to bulldoze and flood our historic seasonal brackish wetlands and uplands to create full tidal salt marshes that will double as flood control basins when storms send refuse down the San Gabriel River channel? Does the construction of multiple buildings, parking lots, and 18-foot-high barriers and raised roads protecting oil drilling sites and adjacent commercial properties from flood events and sea level rise also constitute restoration or even habitat creation? 

After stating that the wetlands are a Tribal Cultural Landscape, the PEIR goes on to put tribal resources at risk. Thirteen pages of mitigations fail to accommodate or even acknowledge the tribal preference of avoidance, as confirmed by the Native American Heritage Commission. The PEIR does not ensure that future individual projects are required to complete EIRs. 

So please speak up when the LCWA votes on this, possibly on Dec. 3. Sierra Club’s Los Cerritos Wetlands Task Force encourages all to oppose the PEIR. LCWA contact info/details at

Anna Christensen

Conservation Chair, Long Beach Sierra Club

News Or Opinion

Dear Editor,

Reminder: There’s been no win or loss yet, as of today (Monday, Nov. 23). 

Media outlets do not call elections. 

UTLA president Myart-Cruz is misleading people by playing the race card when she incorrectly said, “president is trying to delegitimize black and brown votes.”  Mr. Trump has done more for blacks and Hispanics than any other politician. Employment has been higher than before. Trump pardoned many minorities had been imprisoned ( having been jailed by Harris/ Biden and the likes.)

BLM representative Abdullah was incorrect when she called President Trump “the most racist, repressive, violent and most vile occupant of the White House we’ve seen in our lifetimes.” She lies, and cannot prove any of her statements. She is deliberately stirring hatred. 

President Trump is not racist or vile. He isn’t repressive, but has set minorities free with jobs and opportunities. (Biden and Harris haven’t made jobs for anybody. Biden has filled his pockets.)

To David, Mindy and Hunter L: you are trying to be journalists. Keep working at it; you have a good start. Please leave out your opinion when you write articles like this. (For example: “In a statement, Trump reiterated false claims...” - is opinion in paragraph 11.)

Robert Gregory



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