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Translator Fan

Dear Editor,

Thank you so much for the interesting and informative article about the "The City's" interpreter Paola Morales. 

I have been staying safe at home, as requested, so have been watching the Mayor's briefings. Paola has been such an integral part of these briefings. 

Learning more about her story has made my admiration of her skill even greater. As I am writing this you are still hard at work interpreting for the Mayor, the Police chief and the Fire chief in the aftermath of the senseless destruction that happened over the weekend.

Thank you Paola for your service to the community of Long Beach.

Barbara C. Barnett

Long Beach

Tired Of Fireworks

Dear Editor,

I am just tired of the all-night, every-night fireworks here in Long Beach.

Cops need to enforce more. It is so simple to chase them! My dog is so nervous. Only here in Long Beach.

Edwin Valle

Long Beach

Protect Medicine

Dear Editor,

I feel it's important to make all our prescription medicine in the United States.

We can't have other countries like China and Russia holding our health hostage. We don't need to import prescription medicine from foreign countries.

If we stand up to make our medicines in America, we can have control of the critical medicines. We all need to let our government know about this and ask for their support.

Bill Ruzgis


Puvungna Precious

Dear Editor,

Thanks, Gazette, for your Puvungna update, especially for including a tribal perspective on history and land that is underreported.

Puvungna, “the Gathering Place,” is central to the spiritual traditions of multiple tribes in Southern California as the very place where many of these ways came to be. History was made in that moment. It was made in 1974, when Puvungna was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, in 1979 when Native American students won their battle to rebury an ancestor discovered on the site, and in the 1990s, when tribal members, students, and the community fought to keep CSULB from building a strip mall on it.

The Acjachemen tribal leaders have a solid grasp of this history; Mr. Cook, not so much. Perhaps the $2.3 million that CSULB spent losing a lawsuit to the ACLU and the Center for Constitutional Law in the ‘90s still stings. Denials and distortions are attempts to solidify control.

We should appreciate CSULB’s “good faith gesture,” as the university is “always listening to diverse perspectives,” and trust that their “process” will not violate the “meaning that some (external) stakeholders have ascribed to this land.” These attempts to determine both the narrative and the outcome mask the hard truth that CSULB has again violated the law by failing to inform and negotiate with tribes, the State Office of Historic Preservation and the Native American Heritage Commission before impacting the National Register and Sacred Site of Puvungna.

So, no passing Go or Get out of Jail Free Card, no more Monopolizing Puvungna as your “undeveloped property.”  The Gathering Place is for sharing ceremony and celebrating community, and home to Ancestors, swallows, hawks, and other essential, not “external,” stakeholders. See you in court!  

Anna Christensen, Conservation Chair

Long Beach Area Sierra Club

Let Us Down

Dear Editor,

I agree with Mr. Skarbo's assessment of no leadership by Mayor Robert Garcia ("Our Mailbox," June 4). His pathetic lack of leadership during the riots in Long Beach on Sunday, May 31, were a complete embarrassment to himself and our fine city.

Mayor Garcia should resign from office for dereliction of duty to the city of Long Beach. That ridiculous statement he made after the riots — "we thought it was going to be peaceful." Do you mind telling us who "we" is? You know full well it was your call to let the inmates run the asylum.

Our poor merchants who lost everything on May 31, must be really thrilled with your actions. What in the world were you thinking not letting Police Chief Robert Luna and our fine police department do their job?

Mayor Garcia, please do us a favor and hit the road.

Craig Vestermark

Long Beach

Rebuild Downtown

Dear Editor,

As a delivery driver I was in absolute shock when I drove through downtown Long Beach and witness first hand the destruction, debris and destroyed businesses that now make up Pine Avenue. 

Long Beach Boulevard is also shocking and it will take months or possibly years for business owners to recover from such losses. It’s also shocking that while it was a couple days after the looting had occurred how many businesses where still boarding up their storefronts just in case civil unrest returns. 

I also took notice of several artists creating images on plywood that is to serve as a barrier. My conclusion? The images can only be equated to those found on skid row — while the words str uplifting the designs not so much. 

Long Beach was doing great in its efforts to become a world-class city and up until Mayor Garcia decided to make the city "the bike capital" all on his own. Buildings were remodeled, new restaurants opened and convention bookings were bringing in millions of dollars to the city. Now what do we have? 

Attention and funding must be made available to rebuild the downtown area immediately. The Mayor and the City Council must make this a priority and assist those business owners who need funding immediately with grants or low-interest loans. 

Stop with the rainbow crosswalks, road diets, roundabouts and restore downtown Long Beach.

Larry Diaz

Long Beach


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