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Open Up 

Dear Editor,

I'm following the science. Shut downs, masks and social distancing aren't effective. 

The SCAMDEMIC has done tremendous damage to the economy, and to a lot more people than it has killed. 

A couple weeks ago, the WHO finally told the truth for a change, and said the flu is more deadly than COVID-19. However, they quickly backpedaled. Not surprising, of course. 

The CDC said that 80% of "COVID Contractors" wore masks, and that only 6% of the COVID Death Count were actually COVID-19 only. That's 4/10,000ths  .0004% of the population! The daily transfer of germs, viruses and bacteria between humans strengthens immune systems. 

Kids required to wear masks is ridiculous, and they don't transfer the virus to adults. They do very well with COVID. The country would be no different today had we carried on with business as usual. 

Mayor Garcia and the City Council shouldn't be taking any pay, and should give it back retroactively, due to their shutdowns. I wouldn't think twice about walking through a jam-packed room. I'm quite sure I had it five months ago. I’m in my late 60s and just fine. 

If you want to wear a mask, go ahead. Don't ask or force one on me! Open the city, and give your pay back to taxpayers for every day you've shut us down!

Roy Donaldson

Long Beach

Voting Where? 

Dear Editor,

 Did anyone else notice that the Los Angeles County Voting Location booklet listed John Marshall Middle School at 1921 Arroyo Ave., Pomona CA 91768, under the Long Beach heading?

Marshall Academy of Arts, formerly John Marshall Junior High, 5870 E. Wardlow, Long Beach Ca 90808, is about 34-39 miles from the Pomona campus.

Barbara Reynales

Long Beach

Stop Parklets 

Dear Editor,

I recently read the front-page article in this publication regarding Kurt Schneiter, newly elected president of the Belmont Shore Business Association, comment that the top priority of the BSBA is to make the parklets on Second Street permanent.

This is simply a real-estate grab by the restaurant owners in Belmont Shore and Naples. First came the patios in front of their establishments. Then individual signs for their businesses placed on the public walkway and heaters to keep their patrons warm while dining during the winter months, blocking public passage on a public corridor.

The parklets have taken away public parking on the street, caused congestion and safety issues. If they are made permanent, it will add congestion particularly in the summer months to the public corridor or sidewalks due to the abusive use of scooters, skateboards and bikes, causing safety issues for pedestrians trying to navigate their way down the sidewalk. All the while the restaurants/bars utilize the public walkway as their private holding area for patrons waiting to be seated.

Once the Governor deems it appropriate to allow indooor dining, the parklets need to be removed. Merchants who find it economically unfeasible to operate have the option to renegotiate their lease with their landlord. If the merchants cannot negotiate an economically feasible solution, they always have the option to close.

Maybe it is time for greedy landlords to re-evaluate their business models since currently there are roughly 30 closed storefronts on Second Street just in Belmont Shore.

We homeowners for many years have been made to tolerate the drunken conduct of the restaurant/bar patrons' late-night antics, barf on the sidewalks, condoms and remnants of drug use on the parking strips in front of our homes.

Mr. Schneiter seemingly has drawn a line in the sand and it is time the homeowners of Belmont Shore step up and say no to parklets in our community.

Art Shaw

Belmont Shore

Care For Caregivers 

Dear Editor,

November is National Family Caregivers Month.

As 2020 moves into the holiday season and the COVID-19 pandemic continues, let us take a moment to honor and support the millions of family caregivers who are taking on extraordinary responsibilities. Family caregivers include all of us, whether we provide services to our elders, our spouses/partners, friends or whether we are part of our children’s distance education. 

24/7, they care for those they love and help keep us safe.

To all family caregivers, you are appreciated for the love and caring you give others. Please remember that caregiving can be lonely. Taking time for yourself is not selfish — it is necessary for your health. Stepping out for a walk or making a connecting phone call with a friend or having a bit of unscheduled time to yourself helps keep you strong.

During these times, we at Cambrian Homecare and Skills4Care are not able to conduct our support groups and meet with you personally. Yet, we understand your responsibility, now more than ever. We are providing free, online resources, namely,, where you can read others’ caregiving stories and join in for webinars and videos.

Additionally, you can explore Carely (the website is Carely is a free, caregiving mobile app that helps make communicating with families and friends about the care of a loved one easier.

As professional caregivers, we salute all family caregivers in our communities. May Thanksgiving bring you celebration of family and connection — in spite of distance and circumstance. Thank you and keep up your remarkable, caring work.

Rhiannon E. Acree, R.N., CEO/President

Cambrian Homecare


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