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Pedestrian Crosswalks

Dear Editor,

Driving on Marina Drive at Second Street, traveling past our shopping new center, there are two pedestrian crosswalks. Driving at night you can barely notice them.

It may be just a matter of time before there is a serious accident with a car striking a pedestrian crossing the street. The city should look into this and see that they are better highlighted so motorists will see them.

We don't need motor vehicle-pedestrian accidents.

Bill Ruzgis


No More Tax

Dear Editor,

I received a red alert today from the Pacific West Association of Realtors condemning a proposal  (agenda item R-22) to increase residential property taxes at $25 per $100,000 assessed valuation to fund “supportive housing for homelessness initiatives.”

This on top of the quarter percent (Los Angeles County) sales tax for the same thing. Unbelievable!

Not only do we have the highest sales tax in the nation, as well as some of the highest property taxes, but the mayor want more money to build homeless housing at an astronomical cost of $463,472 per unit, almost twice the national average for a home.

If the City Council approves this proposal, I say it’s time to get rid of them all along with the mayor.

William Shields

Long Beach

Voting Dates

Dear Editor,

Regarding the new state mandates for election dates explained in your “In Closed Session” column Jan. 2: They substantially replicate the provisions of Measure O defeated in 2013.

Our City Auditor, who forcefully campaigned against it (to maintain low voter turnout?), is surely disappointed in the story of O.

Douglas Domingo-Forasté

Long Beach

City Thievery

Dear Editor,

Twice the thievery of funds from the Water Department to the black hole of the general fund has been shut down. It is against the established law of Prop 218 to harvest funds from a utility for general use but #thelongbeachmayoriscorrupt continues to float this remedy for his $300,000 club, their perks and pensions.

The campaign for this measure was filled with falsehoods by the city — the usual sky is falling, we need this money, it’s necessary to keep public safety levels — by trotting out fire, police, their unions and other pals (like Beverly O'Neill). None of the stated needs have been met; they never will be met by Measure M or by the continuation of our usurious 10.25% sales tax.

As the city continues to bray like donkeys, they are against a law that was enacted to defy money grabs of this very nature. Due to these misleading and illegal tactics, we will definitely end up in the poorhouse as the lawyers get richer. How much unnecessary money has been spent for Measure M and its predecessor? I’ve heard it was close to $1 million overall to dupe the citizens of Long Beach.


Anne Proffit

East Village

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