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Deadly Advice 

Dear Editor,

Maria Feldman gives us five paragraphs of very bad advice in the Oct. 29 Grunion.  In response, here are eight words of very sound advice: stay closed, stay home, stay well, stay alive!  

Much as all of us are frustrated at travel limitations and very-limited activities due to COVID-19 rules, all sensible medical experts and wise leaders tell us that is what we have to do during this pandemic, and we had better follow their sound advice.

We are in the second or even third wave of this coronavirus, as infections reach new highs, along with the resulting permanent organ damage for many survivors, and even avoidable deaths for so many Americans. While this pandemic is now worldwide, unwise and unsound policies, and such very bad advice as Maria Feldman gives, have led to our having the worst COVID-19 record of any major nation in the world. The prospect of a valid vaccine is uncertain at best, and premature in any case.

Experts at the CDC and elsewhere have told us just what we need to do to save tens of thousands of lives and millions of Americans with permanent organ damage. Besides using a proper mask and washing exposed anatomy frequently, the rules are simple; again, stay closed, stay home, stay well, stay alive! Those like Maria Feldman who urge risky reopenings endanger the lives and health of us all. Those who fail to learn the lessons of this pandemic are, indeed, doomed to damage us all.

Dr. Eugene F. Elander

Belmont Shore

Bixby Park Thanks 

Dear Editor,

It’s been a long journey to see the completion of Bixby Park Parcel One. Over a decade, Friends of Bixby Park has worked with a handful of city officials toward its completion, and partnered with the city on  fundraisers to pay for elements such as period appropriate park furnishings.

It hasn’t been until recent years that we’ve seen it excel the way it has, and now its completion.

Jeannine (Pearce, Second District Councilwoman) went to great lengths to work with our group and other stakeholders to provide feedback in the process.

On behalf of the board I wish to extend heartfelt gratitude to you and your teams (and to former city staff who previously championed our cause) for rehabilitating this important entry way to the park.

Thank you for picking up the momentum of our community and its desire to make the park a pleasant retreat for residents and park visitors.

It truly was a team effort and we appreciate you letting Friends of Bixby Park be an active voice in the process.

Claudia Schou

Friends of Bixby Park

Wetlands Ripoff

Dear Editor,

Under the radar, at 12:30 p.m. this Thursday, the Los Cerritos Wetlands Authority will approve its Los Cerritos Wetlands Restoration Plan. 

This massive makeover will erase our wetlands wildlife sanctuary to accommodate four oil companies now emitting pollution levels as high as the port. New flood control infrastructure is being prioritized over the protection and preservation of existing wetlands, wildlife, and a Tribal Traditional Landscape and Sacred Site. 

Huge berms across and around the wetlands will protect oil and gas operations, industrial sites, and commercial developments from flood events and sea level rise. Some berms will be 18 feet tall and have oil wells and paved roads on top of them. All berms will be built on, and eliminate, existing wetlands. 

The addition of oil pipelines, two visitor centers, parking lots, walking and biking trails, and raised roads will further reduce wetlands acreage and connectivity, enlarging the human footprint at the expense of nature. What isn’t buried will be bulldozed and flooded to create storm water basins. 

Excavated and dredged soils will be stored on the wetlands, which will become a construction zone for a half century or more. Adapting to sea level rise and climate change must not come at the expense of wetlands nor should flood control measures protect oil drilling and commercial properties be disguised as “restoration.” Go to Read the plan, fill out the comment card, and learn how to attend zoom meeting on Thursday.

Gary Indiana

Long Beach

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