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On The Mark

Dear Editor,

Thank you for Sharleen Higa’s “Teaching from Home” column.

As a former high school teacher and as the mother of a daughter and her partner, both teaching in Long Beach, I can tell you that Sharleen Higa gets it right. She not only tells her audience about teaching from home but also what it means to be a human being and a good teacher.

Her Nov. 5 column, “Election Anxiety is Real for Our High Schoolers, Too,” brought tears to my eyes.  Sharleen Higa is a brave, good woman.  I feel privileged to read her honest and grounded work.

Joyce Lott

Long Beach

Open Up 

Dear Editor,

I'm following the science. Shut downs, masks and social distancing aren't effective. 

The SCAMDEMIC has done tremendous damage to the economy, and to a lot more people than it has killed. 

A couple weeks ago, the WHO finally told the truth for a change, and said the flu is more deadly than COVID-19. However, they quickly backpedaled. Not surprising, of course. 

The CDC said that 80% of "COVID Contractors" wore masks, and that only 6% of the COVID Death Count were actually COVID-19 only. That's 4/10,000ths  .0004% of the population! The daily transfer of germs, viruses and bacteria between humans strengthens immune systems. 

Kids required to wear masks is ridiculous, and they don't transfer the virus to adults. They do very well with COVID. The country would be no different today had we carried on with business as usual. 

Mayor Garcia and the City Council shouldn't be taking any pay, and should give it back retroactively, due to their shutdowns. I wouldn't think twice about walking through a jam-packed room. I'm quite sure I had it five months ago. I’m in my late 60s and just fine. 

If you want to wear a mask, go ahead. Don't ask or force one on me! Open the city, and give your pay back to taxpayers for every day you've shut us down!

Roy Donaldson

Long Beach

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