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Climate Change Natural

Dear Editor,

Climate change is a real occurrence. Our planet’s climate has always changed and always will.

This is based on a recurring history of various natural phenomena. Scientist estimate that around 127,000 years ago, the polar ice packs melted to a degree that our oceans and seas rose as much as 10 feet.

What caused that to happen? Recently, in Greenland, researchers were drilling thousands and thousands of feet through the glaciers only to find the remains of ancient lush forest. How did that get there?

Here in California, construction sites located miles inland are unearthing prehistoric fossils of whales and walruses. Did they walk there?

This may come as an inconvenient truth to some, but the Ice Age was not just an animated movie, it really happened. I am all for clean air and water, but regardless of how much taxpayer money we throw at it, our planet’s climate is still going to change, the way it always has.

Terrance McQuaid

Los Altos

National Climate Plan

Dear Editor,

I applaud the city of Long Beach in moving forward with its Climate action plan, but Long Beach is a relatively small part of the country.

What is really needed is a national plan such as the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. This bipartisan piece of legislation would, by placing a fee on carbon fuels, reduce greenhouse gases 40% in 12 years and 90% by 2050.

And the dividend, which is created by returning the net revenue to households and which people can use any way they want, will buoy the economy, creating jobs and, possibly, increasing GDP. Such a plan would help the city achieve the goals of its climate action plan.

One thing the city can do to help move this legislation forward is to issue a resolution endorsing the bill that Congressman Ted Deutch is planning on reintroducing in the new Congress.

Murray Zichlinsky

Long Beach

Eviction Protection Fallout

Dear Editor,

Recently we have been involved in an eviction process.

Our tenant has not paid 1 cent in nine months. He has continued income and has sub-let the apartment to another, who refuses to release any identification.

We retained a lawyer, which has led to the tenant requesting a jury trial to prolong his free occupancy.

By experience, we won’t collect a dime. This loss is called bad debt expense. If this doesn’t lead to foreclosure, it will burden other tenants to make up for this huge loss.

This moratorium comes down to us, the taxpayer, paying for government programs designed to help abusers who refuse to be honest, hardworking citizens.

Unless we change these extreme COVID-19 excuses, our American nation shall weaken as a whole, on the brink of disfunction, with major problems or worse.

Frank Wm Szechy

Long Beach



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