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Another Side

Dear Editor,

Regarding the closing of the gift shop at the Long Beach Senior Center; Donna Attwood left out a critical piece of information. In the consignment element of the gift shop, she is the largest participant and stands to lose income if the gift shop is closed.

If she is interested in consignment, there are other facilities where she can do that such as the Vintage Store on Pine Avenue. There are only a few people who regularly participate in this program.

The gift shop does not make enough money to cover the cost of staff managing the program, which is necessary, because cash-handling is involved. There will still be a thrift store to which merchandise can be donated and low-cost gifts purchased.

If you ask seniors who go to the senior center what services they would like to see the Center offer, the number one response would be technology help or support. Moving the tech lab downstairs would improve accessibility and enable the Center to offer more services to more older adults.

The tech lab is run by volunteers and does not require staffing except for oversight. If people do not have access to the appropriate information, how can they make good decisions about an issue?

Karen Reside

Long Beach

Breakwater Alternative

Dear Editor,

It is often said that “dilution is the solution to pollution.” This seems to be a leading theme used by many who want to sink the Breakwater; remove it to flush out the pollution trapped behind it.

But I would like to posit an alternative. Let’s take the money required to sink the Breakwater, as well as the money that would need to be spent protecting buildings along our shoreline and the port from the resulting waves, and spend it preventing that same pollution from entering the Los Angeles and San Gabriel rivers in the first place.

Or we could just construct a conduit to direct the outflow of the rivers further out to sea, returning waves to our shores, and directing the pollution to other beaches and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Karl Eggers

Long Beach

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