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Opposes Fox

Dear Editor,

Many of us have learned the hard way that elections have consequences. Voting matters now more than ever, and not just in Presidential elections. This November, Second District residents look to elect a new City Councilmember and have whittled it down to two candidates, Robert Fox and Cindy Allen.  

Robert Fox, a longtime vocal adversary of City Hall, has a history of bullying local city officials into getting what he wants. Armed with childish nicknames, Fox has bulldozed his way to the ballot with racist rhetoric and personal attacks, some of which I’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to witness firsthand.  

 As the Chair of the city’s Board of Health and Human Services, I have worked for over five years to improve health issues and inequality in Long Beach. I have a responsibility to connect the public and elected officials to bring ideas and solutions to the table.

Following the senseless murder of George Floyd earlier this year, our City Council unanimously adopted a Framework for Reconciliation. The key components include acknowledging our history with racism, listening to the experiences of Black community members, and developing a plan to strive for a more equitable city, which entails equal access to housing, jobs, education, healthcare, and more. Part of advancing equity for all is implementing equitable policies and programs, something Fox has actively fought against.

Fox is characterized as rude, unproductive, and racist behind closed doors. During a heated argument, Fox called someone a zebra, referring to him being biracial. Fox’s behavior and rhetoric is concerning to say the least. His “them vs. us” rhetoric has split our community down racial and economic lines. He is more concerned with where people will park their cars than where they will sleep at night. 

When it came to the Land Use Element, Fox used fear tactics and racist rhetoric to divide residents. He riled up homeowners, promising that housing developments will overtake their neighborhoods and destroy their communities. Although he denied it was him, yard signs emerged, claiming that a larger population — of predominantly minorities — would lead to a sharp increase in crime.

I am extremely worried about Fox’s vision for our future and not just because it includes no plans to support our Health Department during our global pandemic.

We need a candidate who will unite people around hope, equitable policies, and a willingness to communicate and collaborate with others. Unfortunately, Fox is not that candidate.  

Milton Smith

Long Beach

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