I have been seeing a falcon in my backyard for about three weeks, usually on the electric wire or in a tree.

Editor's Note: In honor of the "Year That Changed The World," I've given my space to Deberah Porter this week. Enjoy the memories. —Harry Saltzgaver

“Inside Long Beach State University” is a new adventure for me — an exciting opportunity to engage our Long Beach community in an ongoing conversation about the university and its place in your lives.

Have you ever noticed a gardener with a leaf blower trying to chase three leaves or just to blow dirt in the air, blowing a cloud of dust, dirt and debris into our homes, into our lungs and on our automobiles?

In a fast-paced, achievement-driven western society, children and families are moving further away from developmental experiences that are taken for granted and trivialized.

As a parent, teacher, and chair of the Assembly Education Committee in the California State Assembly, I have made no secret about the fact that I believe the key to California’s future is a strong public education system. It is essential for Sacramento to ensure that school districts across …

I was driving down Pacific Coast Highway a couple of weeks ago on my way home from a Wilson High School Class of 1978 reunion planning meeting (you can do the math on the number of years) when I had something of a déjà vu experience. I was looking at the Marina Pacifica Shopping Center, the …

Representatives of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Long Beach/South Bay Chapter met recently with Mayor Robert Garcia and Long Beach Development Services staff to discuss the proposed planning and design for the new development surrounding the historic Queen Mary. The AIA represen…

Most of us have been glued to the television or plugged into news radio since the weekend, watching the epic disaster in south Texas.

We at CCEJ (California Conference for Equality and Justice) are disturbed and saddened by last weekend's hateful white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., that resulted in violence and death. We condemn these acts of white supremacy, anti-Semitism, homophobia and all forms of bigotry …

One of the days we political geeks look forward to the most is the release of candidates' financial statements.

There are moments that I know I will never forget. I've had a lot of complaints about youth sports and there are moments that the parents are overwhelming and coaching is just a tremendous commitment and you look from the sidelines or you look from the field and you wonder if it's all worth it.

In talking with parents lately, I’ve noticed that the reference of “summer’s coming” can either bring a calming sensation with the relief from strict school schedules, or overwhelming concern over how to keep their children safe, healthy and active without those strict school bells and routines.

There's been plenty of news recently about JetBlue — the primary airline at Long Beach Municipal Airport — and its proclivity to land airplanes after the airport's 11 p.m. curfew.

Public safety issues are always at the top of the list when we think about city priorities. But, I am sure many people do not know that the City Council has a Public Safety Committee designed to study trends in public safety, opportunities for improvement, and challenges.

Pow! Wow! descends on Long Beach July 16-22, bringing a diverse group of artists to paint murals throughout the city in a weeklong celebration of public art. The event brings together some huge names from around the art world, and great news for us: Nearly half of the participating artists i…

Second District Councilwoman Jeannine Pearce's recent interaction with the California Highway Patrol, the Long Beach Police Department and her former chief of staff has prompted plenty of water cooler talk and even more speculation.

When you think of renewable energy, you probably think of wind turbines and solar panels, clean sources of energy that can make up a small percentage of our electric power supply.

There's a macabre joke going around that the east side of Long Beach experiences a crime wave when bicycles are being stolen, while a crime wave in the north, central or downtown parts of the city means people are being shot.

The​ new "My Cat from Hell" ​TV show ​put out a call on nextdoor.com​ ​for creatures "with behavioral issues​,​ whether that's pooping/peeing outside the litter box, not getting along with other pets or people, eating things they not supposed to​,​ etc."​ (see photo).​

Back in the old days — that's my old days of the 1960s and ’70s, not your old days of 1980s and ’90s — there was a song that I didn't really understand.

Editor's Note: Kurt A. Eichsteadt writes about movies, restaurants, the recently departed and all sorts of other things for the Gazette. But he didn't know what to do with this. We decided it is "Another View."

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