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When I was a kid and some new innovation, invention or fashion icon came along and everyone scoffed, my witty and always wise Italian American mom would laugh and say, “They laughed at Columbus!”

As an animal lover and serious advocate for any vehicle that saves innocent lives and rights inhumane wrongs, I am shocked and disappointed at the cynical individuals who readily condemn the proposal of a No Kill shelter in Long Beach.

With Staycee Dains, the new shelter director, on board and many, many caring, concerned and committed citizens, I see no reason why this valuable undertaking cannot be achieved.

Best Friends, a nationwide animal rescue and advocacy organization, has effectively implemented a “lifesaving path forward to make our country NO KILL BY 2025!”

It is clear that community collaboration, chronic commitment, hard work and data driven strategies are all supportive approaches in saving cats and dogs. Included in these concepts are: an affordable spay/neuter program for ALL pet owners, a trap-neuter return assistance program for community cats, education and outreach, respectful collaboration with local rescue partners, creative initiatives and marketing efforts to facilitate appropriate adoptions, structured training and supports to recruit and retain caring volunteers and lastly, hiring dedicated employees who share a responsible vision and respect for animal care.

For those who have misconceptions and portray a misguided view with regard to what No Kill means, Best Friends states that “the No Kill principle supports true euthanasia — that is ending a life of an animal in order to end irremediable suffering — after a veterinarian has assessed that there is no chance of recovering an acceptable quality of life, or in cases where it would be clearly inhumane not to do so immediately due to obvious severe suffering /imminent death. No Kill does not support the killing of healthy or otherwise treatable animals to make space for others."

In honor of the 2,200 healthy and potentially adoptable dogs and cats that are killed every day in the wealthiest country in the world, change is crucial! And to all those naysayers who still believe that the world of animal shelters is flat and that venturing out to uncharted No Kill territories will only lead us to the edge into a dark abyss, I smile and hear my mom chuckle and reply, “they laughed at Columbus!”

Valerie Morrow is a Long Beach resident.

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