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Editor's Note: This letter was received after last week's deadline, addressing the Another View from Sept. 24. For that reason, we're publishing it this week.

I am appalled and disgusted at the turncoat mentality of many former Republican lawmakers who are looking for relevance and thus joined with a group calling themselves Republicans and "Independents for Biden coalition," an affiliate of the Lincoln Project. My former Congressman, Steve Kuykendall, is one of those faux Republicans, and it was sad to see him denounce President Trump and urge support for Joe Biden in the pages of the Grunion.

The entire list of "Republicans for Biden" is really nothing more than a who's-who of political has-beens who were part of the very liberal coalition which operated within the Republican Party in the 1980s and 1990s. They left office long ago, and in some cases were thrown out of office in primary challenges because they were not firm adherents to Republican principles (pro-life, pro-family, pro-liberty).

The truth is that President Trump's nomination and election has realigned the political parties in this country. President Trump's policies have helped Americans of all races, colors, and backgrounds. His commanding lead in foreign policy has brokered unprecedented peace agreements in the Middle East. His tax reforms and regulatory rollbacks have assisted businesses all over the country. Energy production has been at an all-time high, making the United States energy independent. His support for pro-life policies as well as defense of the family and individual freedoms are incredible, essential, and unprecedented, as well.

Contrary to former Rep. Steve Kuykendall's brazenly false assertion, President Trump did not malign our nation's troops. In fact, Trump has enacted a number of reforms that have assisted our veterans, especially in the arena of VA healthcare. It is just sad and unconscionable that a former Congressman would rely on fake news from a liberal rag like the Atlantic to justify his unfounded opposition to President Trump.

The truth is that those GOP has-beens have refused to get with the times. The GOP is changing for the better, with a more populist and broad, working-class temperament, while the Democratic party has taken a turn for the worse, embracing racism, riots, and communistic revolution, with smatterings of voter fraud all over the country as part of a vain attempt to secure victory at all costs this November.

I understand that in the city of Long Beach as well as in many parts of otherwise "Blue America," there are more voters, especially registered Democrats, who are all but fed up with their party, and see in President Trump a refreshing, viable option not only to Make America Great Again, but to Keep America Great for all Americans. Voters from both parties have longed for leadership that would put their needs first, as opposed to the interests of the DC Swamp and the perennial lobbyists who clutter the halls of Congress. President Trump is doing that.

I urge all voters to ignore the political elites, establishment, and has-beens of the past. Vote for Donald Trump!

Arthur Schaper of Torrance is a candidate for California State Assembly, 66th District, in the South Bay.

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