By Kurt A. Eichsteadt

Restaurant Writer

I nearly died a couple of years ago, and the first restaurant I went to after recovering was Lasher’s Kitchen.

And now it’s closing.

In the time I’ve been the restaurant writer for the Grunion, I’ve written about more than 130 establishments. I use a spreadsheet to keep track.

Some stick out in my memory. Lasher’s Kitchen is one of those, which is why I’m especially sad to hear of their closing.

I picked Lasher’s Kitchen as the first restaurant to visit after recovery from a near-death experience when my kidneys failed.

I spent a month in intensive care and then had kidney dialysis three days a week for several months. I also was on a relatively limited diet. It wasn’t bad, really, mostly focused on basic healthy eating as well as paying very close attention to portion size, since the kidneys process all the waste in your body.

Miraculously, for no discernable medical reason, my kidneys started working again. It might have been divine intervention, but all I know is I got a second chance at life.

There was a long strength and stamina recovery period after I was discharged from the hospital. When I first got home, exercise consisted of a 10-yard round trip in the hallway of my apartment building.

I gradually worked up to two miles a day and was able to eventually broaden my food and drink intake.

After several months, I started coming into the office here in the Shore and went out to lunch one day down the street to Lasher’s.

This year, I even went to Lasher’s for my birthday dinner. It was great.

I always say that it means something when the restaurant writer actually puts down his own money for a meal.

In this case, it was a lot more.

The food was healthy, tasty and filling. A special shout out to the owners Ray and Lynn Lasher and Chef Mary Wright.

Why did they close? That’s a subject for another time.

It’s always sad when a restaurant goes out of business. But it this case, it’s very personal.

R.I.P. Lasher’s Kitchen. I hope to see the people involved back in business sometime down the road.

Until then, I want them to know the memory of Lasher’s Kitchen will always be special for me.

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