The Grunion

WomenShelter of Long Beach is proud to host a variety of events during April 2021, which is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). WSLB is collaborating with our community partners on a number of events to honor survivors, raise awareness, and educate the community on how to prevent…

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Imagine an emerald chain of natural parks connected by bike, equestrian, and walking trails, along a revitalized Los Angeles River. That verdant new dawn is what the city of Long Beach promised its park-poor West in 2007 and again in 2015. Visualizations from the RiverLink Plan were dazzling.

While COVID-19 most frequently affects the lungs, other parts of the body may also be impacted, such as a loss of taste and smell. For a smaller number of people, instances of hearing loss are emerging, according to the International Journal of Audiology.

For many of us, the growing excitement about improved COVID numbers and the start of in-person instruction for some of our youngest students next week has been tempered by the race-based violence in Atlanta last week, followed by the terrible shootings at a Boulder, Colorado, supermarket. Th…

For the past year, the city’s Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Communications Department has played a critical role in assisting the Long Beach Health and Human Services Department with our COVID-19 pandemic response. We have been focused on assisting health officials with setting up and …

ADU expansion is a goldfish compared to the Great White Shark of Senate Bills 9 and 10 pending in Sacramento. SB 9/10 increase housing density in single family residence (SFR) neighborhoods from 1 house to 6 units up to 10 with local approval. 

I wish I were talking about opening International City Theatre again and not just survival of the theatre — survival of all the arts. It is the arts that feed our souls, our spirits and our minds.

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There's a ride in California Adventure called Toy Story Midway Mania. It's sort of a shooting gallery, but you're moving through it, sitting in a car.

I am currently doing battle on Facebook with a group of people who think it is smart to post a video in protest of the current proposal before the City Council to rename the Long Beach Performing Arts Center, the Beverly O’Neill Arts Center. The video and comments suggest that former Mayor O…

In this post-election relative calm, it seems a good time to calmly consider a familiar election issue: how we California voters tackle those infamous ballot measures, usually a dozen or more every two years that turn us into unpaid state lawmakers.

During the presidential campaign, much was said about the growing student debt crisis and the hope that debt forgiveness/reduction will soon become a reality. For those of us in higher education, it is a conversation we’ve long hoped the nation’s leaders would have as we edge toward a disast…

My active senior lifestyle has rarely been punctuated by illness. Until Jan. 4, when I was hospitalized at Long Beach MemorialCare Medical Center, I had not been hospitalized since birth.

Over the past 10 months, we have learned a lot about COVID-19, but one sad fact has been consistent since the first cases were reported last March: this virus, which is dangerous to people of all ages, too often proves fatal in older adults.

Despite our low campus population since last March, key Beach personnel, together with external teams, have been working to repair and improve facilities and infrastructure, as well as work on new structures around The Beach. From necessary landscaping projects to construction on our forthco…

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When I'm not worried about violent insurrection or less-than-perfect vaccine distribution, it's always fun to try to figure out what the federal bureaucracy was thinking when they do stuff.

I wake up every weekday at 7:45 a.m. and immediately log on to Canvas (the Long Beach school platform) and start my first zoom of the day. I spend the remainder of the day there, provided I don’t have any other engagements.

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