fog on beach

The morning fog is thick during the fall season but that doesn't hamper the fishing, in Long Beach last November.

A woman's leg became stuck in a sinkhole at the beach in Long Beach Wednesday, and the high tide filled the hole while firefighters and lifeguards dug her out.

The woman was working at the beach near 55th Place and Ocean Boulevard when she stepped in a sinkhole at the water's edge, according to Long Beach Fire Department Public Information Officer Jack Crabtree.

Lifeguards responded about 5:40 p.m., and began to dig her out, Crabtree said. The tide kept rushing in and filling the hole, causing her to become even more stuck. At one point, there were 13 firefighters assisting the Marine Safety Division's lifeguards, according to Crabtree.

The woman was freed from the sinkhole about 6 p.m. She was assessed at the scene and released without injury, according to Crabtree.

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