Bellflower Boulevard

A northbound lane on Bellflower Boulevard, just south of its intersection with Spring Street, has been closed for nearly a year.

Drivers who frequent the portion of Bellflower Boulevard just north of the 405 Freeway, in Long Beach, may soon notice an easier ride.

A year after a drilling mistake sacrificed the structural integrity of the roadway — resulting in the ongoing closure of one of Bellflower’s northbound lanes just south of its intersection with Spring Street — Southern California Edison is set to repair the damage.

Long Beach Public Works spokeswoman Jennifer Carey said Monday, Aug. 26, that the energy company would begin work to fix the damage next month. The repairs will likely take up to two months, she said.

Representatives for Southern California Edison were not available for comment.

The debacle began last September, when the utility company sought to fix an underground vault below the asphalt. While attempting to access the vault, a contractor drilled in the incorrect location, Carey said.

“The location they drilled in was a significant spot that compromised the structural integrity,” she said. “So we ended up having structural engineers go out there and assess the location.”

Three lanes along Bellflower were initially shut down, but the engineers later determined all but one lane were safe for travel.

City officials have been working with Southern California Edison ever since to try to reopen the lane.

Councilwoman Stacy Mungo, who represents the Fifth District in which the closure is located, said she’s received many complaints about the inconvenience it poses. Mungo said she agrees that “it’s unacceptable” how long the lane has remained inaccessible.

“It’s important to keep the lane closed for the safety of the public,” she said. “We are working hard to ensure that it’s repaired as quickly as possible.”

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