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Students selecting materials Saturday at the Architectural and City Planning workshop organized by Dramatic Results.

Not everybody knows what they want to be when they grow up.

Regardless of the career path, Dramatic Results wants to help students explore as many opportunities as possible.

“Quality arts-integrated education yields equity and access that low-income students don’t otherwise experience,” Christi Wilkins, founder of Dramatic Results, said in a release.

Based in Long Beach, Dramatic Results is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering students to be successful through an arts-based and hands-on learning approach.

“It prepares them to engage in class, persist in life, and think creatively as they navigate school and beyond,” Wilkins said.

In a collaboration led by Dramatic Results and Jackie Robinson K-8 Academy, students can participate in Saturday STEAM to learn more about STEAM-related careers.

The free, 10-week program offers low-income gifted students mentorship opportunities from professionals in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) fields.

Saturday STEAM includes 20 middle school students in sixth and seventh grades. Funding is provided by Jackie Robinson K-8 Academy.

STEAM mentors and collaborators include Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD), The American Psychological Association, Craft in America, Historical Society of Long Beach, Long Beach Public Library, The Growing Experience Urban Farm, Iron Catering Crew, Dramatic Results and individual architects (Angana Pathak, Erin Cherson).

Saturday STEAM started on Saturday, Feb. 9 and will end on Saturday, April 13 this year. Each workshop is about three hours long.

Past projects included “Designing 3-D Printed Spaceships” with the Long Beach Public Library, “All About Filmmaking” with Dramatic Results, “Cooking with STEAM” with Chef Micah, “Coding Artificial Intelligence” with the Long Beach Public Library, “Get Kinetic with Art” with Craft in America, and “Architectural and City Planning” with architects Erin Cherson and Angana Pathak.

Pathak said she hopes to inspire future architects by mentoring students at the “Architectural and City Planning” session.

“It’s about access and equality,” Pathak said.

Pathak shares a similar background to the students growing up. She said she wants to give back to the community by sharing her experiences about the architectural field.

Last Saturday, March 16, at the “Architectural and City Planning” workshop, students were tasked with designing and building a space in their community. Pathak and Cherson mentored the students.

Student ideas for the space included a recreational center, a skate park, and a gaming center.

According to Dramatic Results, gifted students in low-income communities often start strong academically, but they begin to fall behind in middle school. The nonprofit seeks to solve these educational challenges by providing opportunities for the underserved community such as Saturday STEAM.

Other Saturday STEAM projects include “Field Trip! The Science of Urban Farms” with Chef Micah & the Growing Experience, “Storytelling through Art (Part 1 and 2)” with Historical Society of Long Beach, and “Claymation and Multimedia” with Dramatic Results’s Teaching Artists.

Saturday STEAM is part of a free, three-part enrichment project led by Dramatic Results and in partnership with LBUSD. The next session is scheduled as part of the ABC Project, launching this summer.

That program will include the Summer STEAM Institute (a one-week program where students will experience hands-on activities such as architecture, photography, arts), Saturday STEAM (10 sessions, three-hour workshops), and Extension opportunities (three-hour workshops where students have the opportunity to engage with community agencies at sites throughout Long Beach).

To qualify, students must be enrolled as sixth graders in GATE/EXCEL for the 2019-2020 school year in one of the following schools: Colin Powell, Hudson, Jefferson, Lindbergh, Nelson and Washington.

Enrollment begins in spring 2019.

To sign up or to learn more, go to ww.dramaticresults.org/abc.

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