Closing Second Street

City crews set up barriers June 1 on either end of Second Street, closing access to Belmont Shore. No looting or vandalism was reported Tuesday morning.

A review of the May 31 looting and violence in Long Beach tops the agenda for a City Council Public Safety Committee meeting set for Tuesday, June 23.

Third District Councilwoman Suzie Price chairs that committee and called for the meeting. In addition to the review of specific events on May 31, a report about the Long Beach Police Department’s use of force policies and reporting processes is on the agenda. Opportunities for training about implicit bias and use of force also will be discussed.

Finally, City Prosecutor Doug Haubert is scheduled to talk about different prosecution models throughout the state, including the feasibility of appointing a special prosecutor for cases of police misconduct in local jurisdictions.

The meeting, like all council meetings at this time, will be via teleconference. It starts at 2:30 p.m. June 23, and the public can use the e-comment function to comment on agenda items. The call can be heard through the city’s legistar system at

—Harry Saltzgaver

Harry has been executive editor of Gazette Newspapers for more than 26 years. He has been in the newspaper business for more than 35 years, with experience on both weekly and metropolitan daily papers in Colorado and California.

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