Street Sweeper

A street sweeper on The Colonnade on Naples Island in Long Beach. 

Street sweeping enforcement resumes today, Monday, in Long Beach.

While street sweeping has continued in the city throughout the duration of the coronavirus pandemic, Long Beach has not issued street sweeping tickets for the past two months as folks have been ordered to stay at home except to conduct essential business.

Although Long Beach’s “Safer at Home” order remains in place — and has been extended indefinitely — Mayor Robert Garcia has emphasized repeatedly throughout the crisis that street sweeping is necessary to keep the city’s streets, gutters and water supply clean.

“We need to go through and street sweep for safety and for cleanliness all across the city,” he said during a Friday afternoon, May 15, briefing, “It’s important that cars get moved. Enforcement is in place now because we have to clean the streets.”

For the past two weeks, the city has placed notices on cars to inform folks that enforcement would soon begin again.

Residents who are still staying at home can get free parking permits for lots and garages across the city to avoid the $70 ticket.

For information on getting a parking permit, go to

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