Long Beach Animal Care Services (ACS) continues to operate through the pandemic — but with a few adjustments to account for safe social distancing.

"We can do 95% of our adoption processing online," Staycee Dains, shelter director, said. "The only reason the person needs to come to the shelter is to meet the pet."

People can still browse adoptable pets at longbeach.gov/acs and reach out through the contact form or call the office directly, but there are other options available to connect pets to their potential forever home.

Petfinder App

The Petfinder app offers two key services for users and is available for download in the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

The first service allows people to browse through adoptable pets. The second helps folks re-home their pets into a new household.

"The reality is that life changes and sometimes pets are better off with another family than with us when that change happens," Dains said. "That can be a move or a change of job or a baby, or anything else.

"What we need to understand is that re-homing your pet is the responsible thing to do if you need to do it."

Folks can upload information for their pet, and communicate with potential adoptive families. Adoption fees are submitted to ACS, but the re-homing party is able to follow the adoption process from start to finish, including selecting the adoptive family.

"Adopting your pet out isn't an easy decision, but it's the responsible thing to do if you're no longer in a position to care for them properly," she said. 

Lost And Found

For those searching for their lost loved one — or anyone who has picked up a stray — ACS offers an online resource for reporting a lost pet.

People can go to longbeach.gov/acs/pets/lost-and-found and upload a photo and a description of the lost pet. If a match is found, ACS will reach out to the reported owner and reunite the pet their family.

If a family isn't found, then the pet will be available for adoption. 

24/7 Services

If there is an emergency — like an animal being aggressive, or a stray cat or dog is found in the middle of the night — an animal care officer can be dispatched to help aid the situation. Call the 24-hour service line at 562-570-7387.

For more information about Long Beach Animal Care Services, go to longbeach.gov/acs.

Stephanie Stutzman can be reached at sstutzman@gazettes.com.

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