Pow! Wow! descends on Long Beach July 16-22, bringing a diverse group of artists to paint murals throughout the city in a weeklong celebration of public art. The event brings together some huge names from around the art world, and great news for us: Nearly half of the participating artists in the third year of Pow! Wow! call Long Beach home.

While I entertained the idea of creating my own list of top places to eat and drink near the Pow! Wow! walls, I thought it would be best to ask some of these not-so-starving artists for their favorite local haunts.

Bodeck Hernandez_courtesy of the artist.jpg

Bodeck Hernandez

Bodeck Hernandez and his family moved to Long Beach from Manila in 2001, and have lived here ever since. Known for artworks that infuse the ubiquitous pixel into images of immigrants and others overcoming adversity, Hernandez also highlights the city’s cultural diversity in his top restaurant choices.

Favorite place to eat:

Bodeck Hernandez: This is a tough one… It depends on my mood. Lately I've been enjoying Los Compadres (get the Bistec Ranchero), El Sauz (for cabeza and lengua tacos), Phnom Penh Noodle Shack (soup on the side so you can add hot sauce to the noodles without affecting the broth), Beachwood BBQ, and Little La Lune.

Best place to grab a drink:

BH: 4th Street Vine. My friends go there; the service is great since the staff and owner are very friendly; it’s down the street from my apartment; Shady Grove Foods has a pop-up kitchen frequently; and CSULB transplant students don't really go there, which is the best part. I suggest asking Adam, Emily, Jonelle and Jim what the best keg they have currently is since they rotate their beer selection spontaneously.

Underrated favorite:

BH: The most underrated restaurant — Delius Restaurant — is a modern American restaurant on Cherry and Spring. It’s in a weird spot, but the food is outstanding.

Best meal of the day:

BH: I'm not a breakfast person, so I cook my heart out when I make dinner. I enjoy entertaining and sharing new recipes with family and friends. It sounds cliché, but food does bring people together — unless you're vegan, then I can't really feed you.

Los Compadres (two locations): 1144 Pine Ave.; 3229 E. Anaheim St.

El Sauz: 1616 E. Anaheim St.

Phnom Penh Noodle Shack: 1644 Cherry Ave.

Beachwood BBQ: 210 E. Third St.

Little La Lune: 2054 E. Pacific Coast Hwy.

4th Street Vine: 2142 E. 4th St.

Delius Restaurant: 2951 Cherry Ave., Signal Hill

Dave Van Patten_courtesy of the artist.JPG

Dave Van Patten

With a recognizable style that calls on comic books, lowbrow, surrealism and lots of humor, Dave Van Patten has made his mark all over the city’s walls, windows and electrical boxes. Pow! Wow! places him at Alex’s Bar this year, his second time participating in the festival.

Favorite place to eat:

Dave Van Patten: My favorite food in Long Beach is from Dennis Robicheau's catering company, Shady Grove Foods. Shady Grove Foods is what you'd get if you mixed a summer outdoor barbecue hangout with a highbrow gourmet chef. They have a rotating menu, but anything you order is great.

Best place to grab a drink:

DVP: Hands down, 4th Street Vine. You can get [North Coast Old] Rasputin [imperial stout] on tap, which is pretty rare, but they also have IPAs, lagers and everything else good on tap … and tons of wine.

Underrated favorite:

DVP: I hate to expose hidden gems because I'd like to keep them all to myself, but I'd have to say Doly's Delectables is on the top of that list. They have really great pastries and sandwiches that are priced for normal people, as opposed to all those new gentrified bakeries with $8 scones.

Best meal of the day:

DVP: Breakfast. I only eat breakfast once or twice a week, but on the rare occasion that I go out to breakfast, it's the best.

Shady Grove Foods: Pop-ups throughout Long Beach (shadygrovefoods.com to learn more)

Doly's Delectables: 245 E. Broadway

The Draculas_photo by Sayer Danforth.jpg

The Draculas

Artists Gary Musgrave and Jeff McMillan joined forces in 2016 to form The Draculas, who “work while you sleep.” Their large scale, vibrant illustrations juxtapose light and darkness, fun and danger. Much like their art, the list of eateries and bars Musgrave and McMillan enjoy are full of opposites that all, somehow, work together in harmony.

Favorite places to eat:

Gary Musgrave: Wow, that's a tough one… I'd have to say The Potholder. I love a comfy breakfast place with a breakfast bar where I can drink coffee and do some work. Get the ham steak and eggs. I've never had better.

Jeff McMillan: It's really hard to narrow it down, but I'm going for classic gem here: Joe Jost’s. Open since 1924, it’s got so much awesome history and a simple menu of three or four things, and that's it. Great hot dog sandwiches, pickled eggs, beer and sports — oh and shuffle puck. What else do you need?

Best places to grab a drink:

GM: I can boil it down to three places: The Pike (gotta get the Pike Burger with extra BBQ sauce, or the clam chowder), the Blind Donkey (play Street Fighter 2), and District Wine (go on box wine night). Each has its own vibe and my choice really depends on my mood.

JM: Ballast Point for great beer, food and a relaxing view — get the Habanero Sculpin; it's definitely an acquired taste, but if you like spicy stuff, it's a winner. I like V Room and Red Room, too. At V Room: Get a Moby Dick — it's a Pabst Blue Ribbon with a Sardine stuffed in the can. At Red Room: Just get a cheap liter of beer. I used to live near Fourth Street and miss the craziness every once in awhile. Both V room and Red Room are polar opposites to Ballast Point — I like the variety I guess.

Underrated favorites:

GM: It’s got to be the Interlude. It's a great little bar with a popcorn machine and it definitely isn't a place for "cool" people. It's just a happy, honest bar.

JM: Maybe the Reno Room on Redondo and Broadway. It's a cool spot to chill and there's a great Mexican restaurant next door that's open late.

Favorite meal of the day:

GM: My favorite meal of the day is food. I like it and I'm sure to never miss it.

JM: I'm with Gary on that one. Food is good. I like food.

The Potholder (three locations): 3700 E. Broadway; 301 W. Broadway; 2246 N. Lakewood Blvd.

Joe Jost’s: 2803 E. Anaheim St.

The Pike: 1836 E. 4th St.

Blind Donkey: 149 Linden Ave.

District Wine: 144 Linden Ave.

Ballast Point: 110 N. Marina Dr.

V Room: 918 E. 4th St.

Red Room: 1227 E. 4th St.

The Interlude: 1710 Clark Ave.

Reno Room: 3400 E. Broadway

Nate Frizzell_courtesy of the artist.jpg

Nate Frizzell

Nate Frizzell has spent most of his life in the LA area, but moved to Long Beach about a year ago. His emotion-filled creations — which portray people, animals and natural landscapes that explore concepts of identity — have been shown across the world, including at Art Basel Miami.

Favorite place to eat:

Nate Frizzell: It's hard for me to pick favorites, but I don't think I'd be blowing any minds to say that lately, my go-to spot on the way out and/or on the way home has been Doghaus. Everything on the menu is ridiculous and they have a great happy hour. Despite the name of the place, every burger at Doghaus is melt-in-your-mouth good.

Best place to grab a drink:

NF: This is even harder than picking a restaurant. There are a ton of solid bars in Long Beach and every one can seem to be a completely different place on any given night. But I always make a stop at House of Hayden. Nothing fancy — it’s got cheap drinks and if it's a slow day you may find yourself taking shots with the bartender while he puts on an impromptu magic show.

Underrated favorite:

NF: I think The Stache was the most underrated bar that I've been to, so far. I liked the quiet dive atmosphere with bartenders behind the counter that took care in what they were making with fresh ingredients. They seemed to have made a lot of changes lately, though, and my favorite bartender moved over to Roxanne’s. So, I would suggest going there, or the Exhibition Room in the back if you're feeling fancy.

Best meal of the day:

NF: Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, just because that's when I feel the least guilty for overindulging.

Doghaus Biergarten: 210 E 3rd St.

House of Hayden: 421 E. First St.

The Stache: 941 E 4th St.

Roxanne’s: 115 E. Wardlow Rd.

The Exhibition Room: 1117 E. Wardlow Rd.

Ryan Milner_courtesy of the artist.JPG

Ryan Milner

A self-described art nerd with a soft spot for Chinese food, Ryan Milner moved to Long Beach to attend Cal State and has been in the city for the past 10 years. He’s worked with a number of brands including Vans and Quiksilver, and art fans can catch him painting the side of Iguana Kelley’s during Pow! Wow! this year.

Favorite place to eat:

Ryan Milner: It’s hard to beat Open Sesame for a nice dinner. The chicken shawarma is an amazing go-to. My wife likes the chicken tawook. When it comes to lunch, you can’t go wrong with Berth 55. It’s an off-the-beaten-path, kind of tucked away little seafood place. You sit at a bunch of picnic tables and sometimes they have some local musicians playing. You can’t go wrong with the clam chowder or, if you like crabs, cracking the crabs always makes for a fun meal.

Best place to grab a drink:

RM: I love The Interlude. It’s a super hole-in-the-wall dive bar right off of Atherton and Clark. They have popcorn and pool tables — and great fluorescent lighting. It’s a must if you’re looking for a quick dive into the depths of the Long Beach bar scene. I’ll usually do a Bulleit and ginger, or just Bulleit on the rocks.

Underrated favorite:

RM: Joe Jost’s — I like everything about that spot. From the moment you open the door, a smell hits your nose that’s unlike any other. They roast their own peanuts and pickle their own eggs; plus, they make a mean sandwich. It’s eclectic, and blends history with charm. It’s the number one jam.

Favorite meal of the day:

RM: Probably dinner, because I get to come home and see my wife.

Open Sesame: 5215 E. 2nd St.

Berth 55: 555 Pico Ave.

Sparc_courtesy of the artist.jpg


A Long Beach resident for 28 years, Erick Guadarrama, also known as Sparc, has painted a number of murals of iconic figures — such as Frida Kahlo, Jean Michel Basquiat and Muhammad Ali — across the city’s walls.

Favorite restaurant:

Sparc: Playa Amor, which is also one of my favorite places for drinks. I recommend the ceviche tostadas with my favorite house drink called El Chapo.

Most underrated spot:

S: El Sauz off of Anaheim and Walnut. It's been a staple for late night tacos for years.

Favorite meal of the day:

S: I don't really have a preference. Tacos are good any time.

Playa Amor: 6527 Pacific Coast Hwy.

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