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Area youth have another option to experience an online summer camp, this time through an online-based, week-long, photography class facilitated by Tuttle Cameras.

"We've always had camps and workshops running through the store, but since COVID hit, we’ve been hosting our regular photography club on zoom," Erin Sujan, marketing manager, said. "Finally we're putting something together for the kids, so we're really excited."

Since 1946, Tuttle Cameras has serviced Long Beach's photography needs, including hosting weekly photography classes and workshops. This summer, parents can sign up their children ages 12 to 17 years for a five-day photography summer camp, all entirely online.

"What we wanted to make sure of is that kids are engaged for as long as possible, so we're breaking up the time so the kids won’t be watching an instructor for more than 20 minutes," Sujan said. "And it'll keep them busy and they can learn something new for at least the week."

Students will spend four hours each day learning about photography principles and practicing photography skills. The first part of the day will include instruction from a teacher online via Zoom. After every lecture, the students will receive an assignment to work on where they'll be able to put the lecture to use and take photos, and then at the end of the day, they'll upload the photos for the instructors to review.

Day one will feature an introduction to photography, exposure and composition, day two will explore photography in journalism class, day three discusses the art of posing people and objects, day four explores sports and movement photography and on day five, the class will submit their photography portfolios and the instructors will provide critiques of their individual work.

"We are planning on them having a lot of constructive criticism," she added. "For me, learning about the arts and being in a camp like this, it’s important to learn how to take that constructive criticism and work with it — it's a life skill."

The Tuttle Cameras Kids Camp is happening from Monday, July 13, through Friday, July 17. The cost is $195. To sign up, or for more information, go to or email

A digital camera and internet access is required. For students who need a camera, Tuttle Cameras will rent a DSLR camera for the duration of the class to participating students for $50. Send them an email, or call 562-354-6080.

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