When you were a child, did you ever see the cartoons that included two little characters that were supposed to be depictions of our conscience? One donned a halo, and the other had horns. They would sit on each shoulder of the character that got caught in a dilemma.

Relationships are amazing. I believe we were put on this earth to interact with many types of people – finding the ones (our tribe) that are right for us, right now – and learning about ourselves in the process. When this happens, we grow!

The holidays blazed through offering food, festivities, merriment and memories — guiding us toward a new year. It's a time many of us want to make changes. We want to begin anew. 

Since 1971, Long Beach Rescue Mission has provided hope and healing, serving the Greater Long Beach community by improving the quality of life of people who are hurting and homeless. We have been consistently faithful to that cause.

Here come the holidays, the time of year we gather with family and friends to observe our most-cherished traditions: sharing meals, honoring our guiding spirits, exchanging gifts, watching sports and remarking how fast time flies.