My wife and I really enjoyed "My Fair Lady" at the Long Beach Playhouse — partly, I think, because the musical is so topical for locals.

I mean the lyric, "I have often walked down the street before but the pavement always stayed beneath my feet before..."

Obviously that's a reference to Long Beach's pothole problem.

• Not sure if there's a link here, but the other day I stopped at a Bank of America ATM on Ximeno only to have the darn machine eat my credit card — gobbled it up in one swallow. At least it didn't burp. Anyway, I was driving by a few days later and noticed that those ancient ATMs had been converted into planters while new ones were being installed.

• As if the heat hasn't been enough of a concern, my old colleague Jim Carr sent along evidence that the weather could have been worse_a warning earlier this summer of "a high surf advisory" for the "L.A. County Coast, including downtown Los Angeles." (see photo).

• The customer is always right: Zac Henderson, coproprietor of Ma' n Pa Grocery, was asked by one shopper: "What hours are you open?"

"Six thirty to 7:30," he answered.

"You're only open an hour?" the shocked customer asked.

• Too bad that a judge threw out a ballot proposition that would have divided California into three states. Now we'll never know whether the states would have come to be known as: Logland, Fogland and Smogland.

• Overheard at a Long Beach kids' camp: A guide telling a youngster to take his hands off his neighbor: "He is a friend of yours. We don't put our friends in headlocks."

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