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Kadee Della Donna Lorenzen put up 1,100 hanging doves in her patio trees at 97 Rivo Alto Canal to play off the Naples Improvement Association's theme of "Partridge in a Pear Tree," along with many other decorations. It won the Sweepstakes Award.

Restrictions brought on by the coronavirus pandemic may have put the kibosh on the Naples Christmas Boat Parade, but it couldn't stop residents from continuing the tradition of lavish home decorations.

Monday, the Naples Improvement Association announced the winners of the annual decoration contest. The sweepstakes winner this year was the home at 97 Rivo Alto Canal, with the People's Choice Award for a house going to 5600 Campo Walk.

Here is the complete list of winners.

Excellence, 212 Rivo Alto Canal; Theme, 89 Vista Del Golfo; Beauty, 5607 Naples Canal; Use of Lights, 140 Ravenna Drive; Creativity, 206 Rivo Alto Canal; Animation, 6004 E. Appian Way; Design, 116 Loreta Walk; Fantasy, 5926 Appian Way; Window Display; 5625 Napes Canal.

Heritage, 58 Rivo Alto Canal; Originality, 5658 Naples Canal; Humorous, 166 Rivo Alto Canal; Yard Display, 5633 Campo Walk; Newcomer, 173 Rivo Alto Canal; Craftmanship, 68 Rivo Alto Canal; Award of Merit, 5635 Naples Canal; Lights, 93 Giralda; and Imagination, 105 Rivo Alto Canal.

Block off Water, 221 Savona; Block on Water, 183 Rivo Alto Canal.

People's Choice Awards: Block, 5600-5684 Campo Walk; House, 5600 Campo Walk.


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