Just before DOGZ on Second Street was supposed to reopen in June of 2018 after a two-year repair job due to serious water damage, fire gutted the place, forcing the owners to start over.

On a recent Friday afternoon, a nice crowd enjoys the atmosphere and food at one of Long Beach’s most popular spots: The Social List.

Tucked into a residential neighborhood on Orange Avenue off Broadway in an unassuming yet charming setting, Ellie’s offers up some of the best food available in Long Beach.

Waffles may seem like a non-traditional basic ingredient for almost every dish on the menu, but at Qrious Palate the waffles are light and homemade and provide a perfect foundation for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

While it’s probably best known for its Seafeasts, where they dump a perfectly cooked collection of seafood on butcher paper that customers attack with mallets, there’s really a lot more going on at the Crab Pot in Alamitos Bay.

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