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Will Zeilinger with wife and co-author Janet Elizabeth Lynn.

After five years, the Skylar Drake murder mystery series has come to an end — a bit of relief for the couple who have been writing the books.

The fifth and final book of the series, titled “Game Town,” will be released on April 15. Janet Elizabeth Lynn and Will Zeilinger, Long Beach natives and married authors of the series, say they are sad to see the end but are excited about the ride they have taken readers on for the last five years.

“We’ve done so much traveling for the series and have gotten to bring that adventure to our readers, so it was sad giving our editor the last book,” Lynn said.

The series is set mainly in Los Angeles but takes the reader to Las Vegas, Hawaii and Catalina Island. The series is also set in the 1950s, inspired by Lynn’s mother — who was a fashionista in New York during that decade.

“I used to watch her put on her lipstick and her long gloves and the hats women wore during that time and just wanted to remember that time period, how glamorous it was,” Lynn said.

All the books in the series are stand-alone reads; they don’t need to be read in order. Zeilinger said the books are for those who grew up in the ’50s and want to remember those details, but also for the younger crowd to get a glimpse into what that time was like.

“We’ve decided to leave the characters in this series and move on to other projects.” Zeilinger said. “These characters have been with us for five years, but it’s a good ending for the series.”

Both authors have short stories in the works as well as new ideas for other co-authored books. They also are working with one of Long Beach’s local channels on a TV series showcasing Long Beach and South Bay writers.

“It’s writers on writing. Think of it like behind the music but for writers,” Zeilinger said.

All five books are available for order via Apple Books, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and more. The authors will be attending the Los Angeles Times’ Festival of Books April 13 and 14 at the University of Southern California. Readers can meet with them and get their books signed.

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