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Self-publishing is the publication of a book or magazine by its author without the involvement of an established publisher. Most self-published books sell few copies and those that do sell in large numbers are newsworthy because they are so rare.

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Long Beach resident Michael Andrew Stugrin’s latest book, “Savoring Simple Home Cooking: Culinary Themes, Variations, and Improvisations,” is now available on The book, which includes more than 350 recipes, can be purchased in both print and electronic formats.

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Standing on his terrace with a sweeping view of the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and the sandy shore of Long Beach, Dr. Matthew Jenkins has come a long way since his days as a youngster on his family’s farm in Alabama.

The Long Beach Zine Fest featured nearly 100 writers, designers, cartoonists, photographers, artists and poets from Long Beach and surrounding cities selling and sharing their wares directly to the public on Sunday, April 24, 2016, at the Museum of Latin American Art.

Bookworms should delight at the number of authors this city produces on a regular basis, giving locals a chance to read writing produced by their own neighbors. Gazette Newspapers occasionally lists some recently published writers from the Long Beach area.

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Jenny Nordberg is a Swedish journalist and a member of the Consortium of Independent Investigative Journalists. She has studied the position of women in Afghanistan for years and discovered on one of her assignments the astonishing existence of what is known bacha posh.

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