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Vivan Wenhuey Chen displays her canvas " Eclipse" during teh studio tour.

Once again, the Long Beach Open Studios Tour ( LBOST) event was a great success. Spanning four weekends in October, The 2019 open studio tour was organized into four geographic hubs, Zaferia/Eastside, Cal Heights/Bixby, Wrigley, and Belmont Heights/Belmont Shore.

Each weekend, visitors were able to interact with local artists in their working environments, a rare treat for the public. Tour participants were able to view the art being created in re-purposed carriage houses, extra bedrooms in apartments and homes, warehouse and factory space, converted RVs, and on the top floors of local condos.

The 2019 LBOST Cal Heights/Bixby hub participants included Billy Mitchell, Joe Devinny, Nora Chen, Kathryn Heaton and Vicky Williams, Bob Rosenfeld, Scott Burchard, Jaim Sabatte, Susan Erikson Hawkins, Philip M. Smith, Robin k. Smith, Jamie Sandberg and Carol Kron and Bonnie McCarthy. A variety of media were represented, and included a jewelry-making demonstration.

In the Zaferia/Eastside, open studios were offered by Aia White-Podue, Marka Burns, Dennis Simmons, Mike Biagiotti, the Artist Co-op, Cody Lusby, Ron Leiter and Denise Skeeter. Marka Burns exhibited her mixed media pieces, in her amazing studio, in a mostly-steel building designed and re-modeled by her husband.

The Wrigley Studios hub included artists David Allen, Lance Morris, Lisa DeSmidt, Lisa Wibroe and Tina Burnight, Dave Clark, Joseph Corso and Akinsanya Kambon. In addition to a wonderful array of art, studio visitors were treated to live music by the Bad Benson Band, and to a laser-cutting and mask-carving demo.

Belmont Shore/Belmont Heights hub provided a chance to have an urban walk, taste hand-crafted chocolate and view art. Studio participants included Kirsten Anderson, Bill Heynen, Catherine Gamble, Joanne Morris, Sara Alonzo and Diana Barnes, Dorte Christjansen, Jennifer Warren, John White, Winberry Studios, Steve Marr, Bryce Leisy and Michele Marr, Ramon and Debbie Rodriquez and Isaac Sweeney, Annie Clavel and Maureen Vastardis, Viv-viD Arts and Sin Confections.

Viv-viD Arts, artists Vivian Wenhuey Chen and David Hennage could lay claim to the studio with the most breath-taking views, located on a top floor of a Bluff Park high-rise. Sin Confections might have had the “tastiest” art on the tour, offering samples of hand-designed, crafted and painted chocolate.

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