The FLIP Fabrique troupe breaks into song.

Long Beach is usually warm and sunny, but a snowstorm is coming in February.

On Saturday, Feb. 1, the Quebec-based circus troupe FLIP Fabrique will create a winter wonderland on the Carpenter Performing Arts Center stage when they present “Blizzard.”

The playful show is performed by seven circus artists and one musician. Founded in 2011, the innovative group combines feats of athleticism with visual storytelling and live music.

In 2019, FLIP Fabrique was awarded the Prix Ville de Quebec for their work. Having collaborated with Cirque du Soleil and Cirque Eloize, FLIP Fabrique’s repertoire includes acrobatics, juggling, trampoline, and aerial dance. According to the New York Times, “after watching them perform, you may suspect that they hail from a different planet.”

“Blizzard” began its tour in Amsterdam and the United Kingdom in July 2019. Following a residency in Montreal, the show is now moving down the west coast of North America, traveling from Vancouver through Washington and Oregon before making its California debut.

All seven artists live in Quebec where their everyday lives include months of interacting with winter weather. Their stage show uses a variety of special effects to simulate snowballs and snowflakes and create an indoor snowstorm so that audiences in all climates can experience winter joy.

“I love how Cirque FLIP Fabrique is able to conjure all the wonder and possibility of a Canadian winter — even here in balmy Long Beach,” said Megan Kline Crockett, Carpenter Center executive director. “They’re such an innovative contemporary circus troupe and put whimsy in everything they do.”

Samuel Ramos, a 28-year-old artist in the troupe, said his favorite part of the show is the tramp-wall act because the space to land each jump becomes smaller and smaller as the number proceeds.

“The audience is on the edge of their seats the whole time,” Ramos said. “They are a bit nervous, in a good way, because they never know what’s next.”

Ramos explained that focus and precision are essential to the performance. The cast trained seven hours a day for 15 weeks in creating the show. During their tour, they train for 90 minutes before each show to make sure that each detail is absolutely perfect.

He said the audience always gasps during the show’s big drops and last-minute catches.

“It’s a very rewarding act to perform,” Ramos said.

“Blizzard” runs 75 minutes, without intermission, and takes place at 8 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 1. Tickets start at $40 and can be purchased online at, or by phone at 562-985-7000. The Carpenter Center is at 6200 Atherton St.

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