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Posted: Friday, November 9, 2012 6:43 pm | Updated: 3:42 pm, Sun Nov 11, 2012.

Now watch as I artfully (see: sloppily) try to juggle my own thoughts on romance versus the most well known war general of the past decade’s indiscretion. That’s right, General David H. Petraeus resigned today (Friday) from his current post as director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Oh, the whole romance thing? Well, apparently the FBI uncovered that Petraeus was having an affair when they looked into whether his computer had been compromised.

I can’t take credit for this but it has to be said: Are we that concerned with the man in charge of our spy agency being promiscuous? What showing of the new James Bond 007 movie are you going to this weekend?

Petraeus has been married for 37 years. He was, through the media, the face of much of our Middle East military presence for as long as I can remember. I mean, 10-plus years is like a century in today’s attention span.

As a side note, this resignation happened less than a week before he was scheduled to testify on the Benghazi terrorist incident. Conspiracy theorists start your engines!

He also is 60. I can also only hope that I might be so desired by at least two women when I’m that old.

A lot of people have come out and said that Obama shouldn’t have accepted the resignation. After all, the man who might have been most responsible for Obama’s rebound and strong showing along the “Midwestern firewall” states, Mr. Bill Clinton himself, had survived similar indecencies.

Do we just throw out some of our best minds when they run afoul? It’s a tough question. How much do you value marriage, anyway? How much do you value commitment, is maybe the more appropriate question.

I generally fall into the whole “private life should be private” camp. I don’t really care what you do in your personal life. As a society, however, since the 1990s, we have begun to only want to know about your personal life — your professional life, is like, so boring.

BUT, being in a relationship is kind of the paramount of whether you can be trusted. Do you have sound loyalty? This is the argument that essentially has torpedoed any number of politicians — especially those who pound the moral high ground most.

Petraeus isn’t exactly in that category, since he was dealing with incredibly greater moral responsibilities — life and death. Even typing out the above paragraph made me turn on it immediately.

Your love life doesn’t mean a damn thing on the battlefield and it doesn’t give the slightest inkling that you’d turn to treason or something. If anything, we should be disappointed that the head of the CIA would get caught — you’re head of a spy agency, dude!

As an American, I just want the best people who can do the best at the specific jobs that we entrust our safety and liberty to. I don’t care how they use their private parts.

In the coming days, heck even tonight, we’ll see how much moral indignation there is over this recognition and the supposed cause of it. I’ll be disappointed to lose a solid military mind — although one I wish we had no use for.

Love and affection is such a different arena to me from the rest of life. Those feelings are so unique and set apart, for me, from the rest of my cognition. I tend to be forgiving to those who have fallen on the wrong path there.

And yet, if General David H Petraeus was my bro — and I knew his girl (see: wife) really well… If I was equally friends with both… It’d be a tough situation. Could I look at the person who stepped out the same way?

He did blow it. Can America be friends with that person anymore? With stakes so much higher than pithy romance, does it matter?