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That photo is taken about 1/2 second after the tag is made as it is clear in the video that the tag was made more than a foot in front of the bag. Look where the runners hand is in the photo. about 2 feet past where the tag was made.

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timmy richards thats why you stick a tag not a quick fancy swipe.

-baseball enthusiast

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Sorry guy maybe you should look at the photo's which shows clearly the kid is safe.
I know it hurts a little but the pictue shows him safe.

By the way Chase once again pitched a great game. He definitely deserves a little run support.

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Great job on the video guys. . I had assumed that Timmy somehow missed the tag at second since both the ball and the umpire was there.
The video shows however that Timmy made the tag and it was the umpire missed the call.

That's twice Gazette Sports has video showing bad calls by umpires that adversly affected Wilson in close important games.

The first time it sent the Lakewood game last year into extra innings that Wilson was winning 1-0 at the end of 7.

This time a game that should have gone into extra innings didnt!

What am I whining for ?? Wilson went from not being able to score a run for Chase..
to not being able to even get on base for Chase.

Great Job Chris. It was definitely your night.

And to the boys in blue what's the going rate for buying a game changing close call...cause I'm about ready to start taking up a collection for the next big game..
Can't allow Chase to lose another 1-0 game

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Congrad to chris on his perfect game. Im glad I stayed to see a great performance it was something speacial much love to poly Baseball coach Bryant

-Coach Bryant

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