The Lakewood Lancers got back to their winning ways while the Cabrillo Jaguars came back to Earth as senior Tyler Shultz led his team to a 40-14 homecoming victory with four touchdowns on 11-for-18 passing.  The senior completed passes to seven different receivers.

The difference in this one was apparent early as Cabrillo fumbled on their opening two possessions and Shultz turned all three Jaguar first half fumbles into touchdowns. 

With the lead and regular starting running back Allie Long on the sideline with a quad injury, senior Rashad Wadood carried the ball 20 times for 140 yards and a touchdown.

“I think on Monday we were still a little down,” said Wadood about his team’s energy level after losing to Poly last week.  “But as we got into the week, from the lunch meetings to the practice field, we stepped up the intensity and it carried over to tonight.”

“We waited seven days for this,” Lakewood head coach Thadd MacNeal told his team before the game.  “We had a great week of practice and we were really excited… it felt good to get back at it.”

Defensive end Todd Barr caused and recovered the first Cabrillo fumble just three minutes into the game.  Five plays later, Shultz rolled out on the play action and found Jake Phillips for the 14-yard touchdown. 

The Jaguars fumbled the backfield exchange on the first play of their next drive, and again, five plays later Shultz found Darius Powe at the pylon for a nine-yard touchdown and a 13-0 lead. 

Shultz and Powe hooked up again for a touchdown midway though the second quarter, and then after a 47-yard run from Wadood with less than a minute left, Shultz hit Barr for a 12-yard touchdown with just 8.3 seconds remaining in the first half.

Cabrillo recovered a pooch kick at the start of the second half trailing 27-0 and took it all the way to the Lakewood five yard line, but the Lancer defense turned them back four straight times.  Seven minutes, 14 plays and 90 yards later Wadood took it in from six yards out on his final carry of the night.

Junior quarterback Derek Stewart was 21-for-36 for 205 yards and a touchdown for the Jaguars, but 12 of those completions came in the fourth quarter.  Lakewood’s defense held four different Cabrillo running backs to just 60 yards rushing.

Lakewood improves to 5-1 overall and 2-1 in the Moore League while Cabrillo falls to 3-3 and 2-1 in league.

JJ has covered Long Beach sports for more than a decade. He's written for multiple newspapers in Southern California, produced professional event videos and won numerous awards for his writing and community service.

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And now I post my grades of Lakewood's performance on Friday.


Here is a refreshing improvement from last week. They stuck to the game plan, ran the system, and got 40 points for their efforts. The reason I gave this an A- is because we had some annying holding calls, one of them preventing a would-be touchdown. If you're going to block, do it right, and don't yank on a jersey. It's so easy to do; you won't even know you're doing it till you see that yellow hankie from purgatory on the field. Second-stringers could use a bit more improvement when running the offense, too.


I can't give this effort by the defense a grade of an A, A- or B+, but I can't give it any worse either. Lakewood's defense may not like this grade, but looking on the bright side as a vast improvement from that horrendous effort last week will help them for next week against Jordan. They did force their turnovers and had some hits, but they got a grade of just a B after some idiotic pass interference penalties and the second-stringers squandering the shutout. Take it for what it is: it wasn't superb, but it certainly wasn't horrid.


It seems to me that the special teams do well when the whole team is struggling and vice versa. This should have been Lakewood 42, Cabrillo 14. Giving up extra points will be fatal to the team's chances of progressing in the playoffs if they simply do not get a good snap, good hold, and timely protection. Furthermore, they allowed Cabrillo to recover their own kickoff. Absolutely unforgivable. Grab the ball, and run. It's not hard to do. I will say that our punter/kicker has a leg, and that punt wasn't bad. And he did kick one off for a touchback. Still, though, giving up easy PATs...on Homecoming...just won't make the grade.


You will have to forgive the special teams coach for not getting his players to click on the points after or the kickoff returns. Why? The offensive and defensive coordinators were able to execute their game plan and the players ran it the way it should be run. This was going to be a Lakewood win, and this is the reason right here. Biggest improvement from last week is here, too.


The mediocre effort by the special teams prevented this from becoming an A or A- performance. However, the work by the offense and defense, as well as a successful game plan from the coaches, made this a solid performance for Lakewood and will give them confidence heading into next week's game with the Panthers.

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