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Transit Defender

Dear Editor,

Hi. My name is Carlita Ellis and I too, am a resident of Long Beach.

I recently read the letter "LB Transit Less Than Efficient" and felt I needed to respond to a comment that Ms. Larson made. She stated, that the only people on the bus are mostly the financially challenged and students.

Well, I disagree. Has she ever tried to hold a conversation with any of the passengers as she rides public transportation or is she one of those passengers who are constantly on their cell phones, whether it’s watching TV, movies or listening to music? Well, I do take the time out to get to know some of the passengers.

In fact, many of us have become great friends because we take public transportation for convenience — money has nothing to do with it. We're all hard-working class people. Most of us believe we're saving money by taking public transportation. There’s less wear and tear on our vehicles and the cost to maintain them as well as a chance to relax our minds before we start work. We're also doing our part to help the air quality in California.

I do agree with pretty much everything else Ms. Larson stated in the article about the transit system as a whole. Not just Long Beach but Metro too. Both agencies need to really listen to the people who ride these systems. We need the buses in Long Beach and LA to arrive in time to connect with the "A" line and even other neighboring bus lines. But the main concern with public transportation period is safety.

Carlita Ellis

Long Beach

Talk It Out

Dear Editor,

I recently attended an amazing event called a Red/Blue Workshop, put on by This wonderful organization is working to reduce political polarization by fostering productive conversation and understanding.

The workshop, attended by equal numbers of conservatives and liberals (by design), was guided by trained leaders running exercises specifically designed to open healthy, respectful dialog. It was such a remarkable experience that some of us are continuing our dialog going forward and helping organize future events.

The movement is quickly growing, with frequent workshops offered all over the country. I urge anyone so inclined to seek them out.

"We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature." Abraham Lincoln, 1861.

Susan Rico

Long Beach

Good Samaritans

Dear Editor,

Many thanks to the several concerned drivers and witnesses who stopped to assist at a pedestrian incident on the corner of Los Coyotes Diagonal and Wardlow Road in the early evening of Sunday Nov. 3, early evening.

I do not recall your faces as I was stunned by the impact, but your kindness is greatly appreciated, as was the swift arrival of police and ambulance. Thank you very much to the lady who offered some water to me.

I am so grateful for everyone's thoughtfulness. Thank you.

Margaret Anderson

Long Beach

Paid Parking Pain

Dear Editor,

I am sad and a bit angry about the newly marked paid parking on Fourth Street west of Temple.

As a Eucharistic minister from my church, I visit Edgewater Care Center frequently and question why this was done in the midst of a mostly residential neighborhood requiring the employees and visitors to pay for parking. It will cost the city to maintain and service and make parking difficult for residents and visitors.

Is the city really strapped for funds?

Claire Marmion

Long Beach

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