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Education Pensions

Dear Editor,

From the Financial Soundness for California Public Schools, October 2018;

K-12 education budget including Prop 98 ending 6/30/2018 was $74.5 billion. In 2007-08, education budgeted $56.6 billion. Taxpayers have spent an additional $18 billion in that time period.

The problem is the continuing cost of pension plans and unfunded liabilities. The state of California is underfunded by $107 billion for teachers’ pensions. (Sacramento Bee July 26, 2018).

Good ol’ Long Beach is part of that huge deliquent number being delivered to the local taxpayer.

The link below will give you all the Long Beach School Budget details; pension liability, health care, and retirement benefits start on page 36. Read it and weep as a taxpayer of the disaster heading your way of unfunded liabilities.

Raise your hand if this is what you were promised by the Long Beach school board and local politicians. I thought so.

Dan Jackson

Long Beach

Police Priorities

Dear Editor,

I called the police!

I live around Naples Plaza Drive, where I came home to on Dec. 3. As I was turning into the parking area to get to my garage, I almost hit a child who darted out from behind a car on his skateboard. I stopped and rolled down my window to check on the boy (about age 8-10) when his brother (age 12-14) started talking and being rude and respectful.

I told them they needed to be in a safer place and should leave. However, the older boys just kept at it. I did call the police, not because I don’t like children, but I wanted them to learn that there are rules and laws.

After a half hour, the boys left. The police never came and the boys went home thinking they were so "smart" to tell off an adult and blame me for the almost accident.

I am upset with the police for not teaching the young boys how to follow rules and law and that they can’t just scream their way out of things.

I hope the boys went home and told their parents about the lady who almost hit them. They will be proud to think that they were right and don’t have to listen to adults or follow laws.

What kind of message does this send out from the police?

The police just don’t care about the community unless its a serious crime. Other community issues are also important.

Shelly Levinson


Predatory Lawsuits

Dear Editor,

My name is Marian. With deep regret I read the article about the Potter Handy San Diego law firm hitting 15 businesses in Long Beach with a lawsuit stating violation of ADA requirements.

In fact, I was so distressed by the article and the thought of how horrible the business owners felt receiving these notices — during the Christmas season no less — that I could not fall into deep sleep at night.

I made sure to send a message to Potter Handy (Editor's Note: The lawyer's name is Russell Handy, a partner in Potter Handy) and his whole team today letting them know — and no mincing words doing that — how shameful their action was; that it is nothing less than harassment, racketeering and a scam.

I do not think for a moment that they indeed care about the issues of the ADA community and that it is just a vehicle for them all to line their pockets with hard-earned cash of business owners who operate in the atmosphere of reduced foot traffic and difficult economic environment, because people have less money to spend.

I also let him know that we all think of him as a vexatious litigant and that his karma will one day catch up with him; he will end up reaping what he sowed.

Shame on that man for putting this aggressive pressure on businesses.

I am not directly affected, however, we all need to stand up for our Long Beach business owners. They are not all millionaires. Just look at how many shops on Second Street are closed; these owners could not survive through increasing rents.

Handy and his sleazy hands need to stay away from Long Beach community.

Marian Paronyan

Long Beach

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