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Dear Editor,

Kudos to those who write letters and express their opinions to the Long Beach public and to our public officials — especially the mayor and local councilperson.

Larry Wright expressed exactly what we have been thinking regarding scooters but have not made the time or effort to write. Maria LaDuca and Mark Meglothern expressed valid observations about the problems with the Broadway "road diet" and the justification local police action in the May 23 edition of the Grunion Gazette.

We all need to let our elected officials know how we feel about our local issues. The more public comments and private communications, the more we may have some influence on what is happening in our city and in our neighborhoods.

Jim, Toni Morford

Long Beach

Shore Business

Dear Editor,

Well, while walking down Second Street the other day, I noticed another shuttered storefront. Who knew?

Belmont Shore is starting to look like downtown Detroit. While navigating between the ever-increasing homeless population and dog poop on the sidewalk and increasing graffiti on abandoned newspaper racks, I began to think.

Take the Acapulco Inn (when will the truth come out on that?), Baja (Fish) Taco and Belmont Shore Pizza — property owners own the properties outright for years. They don’t care about the economic downturn in our community.

2nd & PCH is coming. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Residential property values are next.

Jerry Aldini

Belmont Shore

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