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Dog Attack

Dear Editor,

A few days before Christmas I was walking with my dog through Marine Stadium, when we came upon a Pit Bull and its owner.

We were heading north out of the park. Trying to avoid the dog, we took an angle away from the water, but he wasn't having it, and rushed my dog, pulling his owner head over heels on the ground. She had been talking on the phone, oblivious to what was going on around her.

Earlier in the year, I had a knee replacement and I'm 79 years old; getting the dogs separated was a struggle, as the owner was still on the ground. She finally recovered enough to pull her dog away from my Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier.

I asked for her phone number in case my dog was injured. She refused. I called animal control but they had no one in the area. Animal control advised me to follow her out of the park to get a license number.

Bad advice. Waiting for me was a man in his 20s who ran across the park, hitting me in the jaw with what turned out to be a blue tooth speaker. I ended up in the lap of a woman who identified herself as a nurse.

We have witnesses who were able to get the license number of their car. We have video of the assault. What we don't have is a police department willing to do their jobs. So far my case officer has been transferred to another job, nobody else has contacted me, I just spent six days in the hospital having surgery to repair an artery in my neck that could be associated with my injury. So if you are going to be assaulted, pick Huntington Beach or Seal Beach.

Ronald W. Howard

Long Beach

Great Work

Dear Editor,

I frequently walk my dog in the neighborhood surrounding Bixby Park. I had stopped even trying to use the disgusting restrooms there. Despite numerous complaints to the city, the restrooms stayed in deplorable condition.

Not only were they filthy, but they were often kept continuously locked by people using them as their place of business for drug deals.

Recently, I have noticed a huge improvement in the cleanliness of the park and the condition of the restrooms. This is due to a group of neighborhood volunteers and their vigilance in keeping the city on its toes to do its job properly.

Great work, Friends of Bixby Park! With your help, maybe this beautiful park can reach its full potential. You serve as a wonderful example of a group of community volunteers doing something about a problem rather than just complaining.

Mary Miller

Long Beach

Building Eyesore

Dear Editor,

As a resident of Naples, I am publicly going on record to complain about the current status of the building on Naples Plaza that once housed Russo's Restaurant.

I implore the owners to do the right thing for the neighborhood as the property has a prominent location at the entrance to our community. It is an eyesore.

Amy Barth


Postal Problems

Dear Editor,

We typically put our outgoing mail in the box for pickup. Six months ago, the carrier dropped our outgoing mail in the neighbor’s hedge. It included my mortgage payment and my auto registration and fortunately the neighbor found it and returned it to me.

I put in a formal complaint with the USPS and never got a reply. Also, my wife did not get her auto registration recently although she had confirmation it had been mailed. She had to go down to the DMV and waste hours waiting to get a duplicate.

Almost every time we go away on vacation with a mail stop (either electronic or yellow card notice filed each time), the mail carrier either still delivers the mail while we are away or doesn't start on the date we specify. I put in a complaint with the local postmaster, who came up with the lame excuse that the dispatcher doesn't always check his email every day and said he would get back to me on our missing mail. He never did.

Our local and state postal service is a prime example of total government ineptitude and it's patently clear they don't give a rip.

William Shields

Belmont Heights

Dirty Beach

Dear Editor,

There's not much beach in Glendale. So last week when we drove down to Belmont Shore I was looking forward to some onshore breeze and a walk in the sand.

That walk turned into an hour or so picking up plastic straws, cups, chip packages and yes, at least one condom and one syringe. Luckily, a couple of the pieces of garbage included bags to put more garbage into.

You can do better, Belmont Shore. Put more trash cans on the beach. Offer some incentive to pick up the garbage. The kiteboarding business that is using the beach for their source of income could offer trash bags, or could stroll the beach picking up instead of sitting in lawn chairs waiting for customers — or wind.

Instead of just walking by the garbage, pick it up. I know it’s not all garbage you put there, but its your beach, and showing you care may make others show more respect for it. You can do better, Belmont.

Bruce Graham


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