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Dog Attack

Dear Editor,

My heart goes out to Ron Howard following the horrific incident described in his letter.

I live across from Marina Vista Park, and if I am not traveling, my morning walk takes me through Marine Stadium.

A year ago, my neighbor suffered a serious, almost identical, incident. Walking through Marine Stadium with her small dog, she was viciously attacked by two pit bulls who were off their leashes. Her injuries required 30 plus stitches, and she suffered significant long-term trauma.

A day does not go by that I don’t see dogs off their leash, either in Marine Stadium (often on the beach), or running across Marina Vista Park. Owners typically ignore the request to put their dog on a leash, and in the case of a pit bull, I cannot take the risk of getting close to an owner.

There is a reason why this breed is banned in many countries, why it is typically the most common breed to be found in animal shelters, and why it is accountable for the most canine attacks in this country.

Somehow we need better enforcement in Marine Stadium and Marina Vista Park. It’s just a matter of time before we read about the next attack.

Martyn Travers

Long Beach

Homeless Numbers

Dear Editor,

I tell my friends and acquaintances that Long Beach is a beacon of hope and caring in the fight against homelessness. That doesn’t mean we have won, but with people like you and those who serve on the front lines, we just keep at it.

You didn’t pull any punches (“In Closed Session,” June 6) and yet I felt that you expressed that we are not going to sit back and puff out our chests because we are better than most. It is an accountability that I think all of us in the city share.

John Oppenheim

Long Beach

Connected Problems

Dear Editor,

In the June 6 Grunion, there are three opinion pieces: "Homeless Numbers Hurt,” “Dirty Beach” and “Nothing Subtle About Sea Level." They all impact each other one way or another and that's something people are not talking about. If these three impact each other and we’re not talking about them, how can we try to fix things?

Anyone who is homeless or has been homeless can tell you things are getting worse and not better. Just watch the news and you’ll see the problem all over the world. How do you count everyone if you don't know where everyone is or everyone wants to tell you they are homeless. The numbers will never be right. 

About dirty beaches, the problem is there is no real enforcement when it comes to litter laws. All one has to do is pull the history on tickets and you will see there's no real enforcement or real education to not litter. When is the last time you saw anything in the newspaper, TV, or anything in Long Beach on this?

Now since sea level and climate change go hand-in-hand, they are adding to the other two problems. Climate change and sea level rise will add to our homelessness and housing problems. Here are a few environmental words people should look up. Climate Gentrification, Environmental Racism and Climate Migration. See if these words don't have a impact on housing, homelessness, dirty beaches and sea level.

Did you know that the plastic gives off gases when it breaks down in the ocean and it adds to climate change? There's so much more that is not talked about and should when it comes to all these problems and others.

John Kindred

Long Beach

Source Of Trash

Dear Editor,

From the June 6 “Our Mailbox” please send Bruce Graham of Glendale a thank you for coming to the beach and picking up a bunch of trash.

While his suggestions about how we Belmont Shore/Naples residents could improve our beach clean up procedures are appreciated, it may also be helpful for Bruce and his neighbors to realize much of the trash on our beaches originates in their neighborhoods and makes its way to us via the LA River.

So, it’s very likely one of the straws he picked up could have been his own.

Scott Meyer


Song Inappropriate

Dear Editor,

This week, my family attended the Baccalaureate and Student Awards for Wilson High School, a public school in the Long Beach Unified School System. It was such a Long Beach event — loud, diverse, happy, and it was great to be part of the crowd.

The principals made speeches, the orchestra performed “Over the Rainbow,” some kids got awards, and then something happened that made me feel so “other,” so not part of the crowd. The choir sang a song praising Jesus. It was uplifting, it was spiritual, they were great.

The thing is, it wasn’t appropriate: It violated the separation of church and state. This proud Jewish mother felt different, ignored, and confused. When I sing a song in my Temple, it is a prayer. I wouldn’t ever impose my prayers on people of other faiths, unless they were visiting my synagogue or were at an inter-faith event.

We weren’t the only people not of the Christian faith in the audience. There were Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists and more in that audience. Why didn’t the choir director choose a song that included everyone in that auditorium, the students who worked so hard and their families who have supported them? How could the school administration okay this choice?

There are many uplifting yet non-religious songs out there. Next time, think of the whole, not just the majority. That song didn’t ruin the celebration of our son for my family, but it did leave a bad taste in our mouths.

Eve Lunt

Long Beach

Sea Canaries

Dear Editor,

My thanks to Mr. Saltzgaver about a "single issue focus" on climate-related sea level rise.

Yesterday, I engaged with a surveyor on my street completing an elevation certification for a new homeowner hoping for a flood insurance discount (like I got 10 years ago) if his home is high enough from the mean high-tide line.

Some Florida yacht owners are now unable to pass under bridges they depended on to leave port except on the very lowest of tides. Their "dock values" are declining and flood insurance increasing.

We near the beach are "canaries in the coal mine" for all — and we should give up being "ostriches with heads in sand."

Chris Reid

Long Beach

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