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It's A Hawk

Dear Editor,

On page 3A of the Aug. 1 issue of the Gazette, reader Lori Loucks submitted a photo of a bird she believes to be a peregrine falcon.

Actually, it is almost certainly an immature Cooper's hawk — a very common bird in our East Long Beach neighborhood. I say "almost certainly" because it could be a sharp-shinned hawk, which is very similar only smaller.

Here in Long Beach we are fortunate to have so many raptorial birds: In addition to the aforementioned birds, we have kestrels and merlins among falcons, and red-tailed hawks, ospreys and harriers, to name hawks I have seen personally.

Jan Libourel

Long Beach

Use Other Paths

Dear Editor,

I keep reading about the Broadway road diet and how there are issues with increased traffic, unsafe parking, it’s great for bicyclers, bad for business etc. However, my question is why was the bike lane on Broadway between Redondo and Alamitos even necessary?

Long Beach has a very nice dedicated bike lane on the beach path that conveniently starts at Bay Shore and can actually take a cycler downtown to Shoreline Village without any issues of cars or traffic lights.

For some, the beach bike path may not be as convenient as the Broadway bike path, but as it (beach path) was already built prior to the Broadway road diet, why spend the money? Instead, market the beach path as a convenient way for cyclers to get downtown. Once they get downtown, they can always cross Alamitos, Atlantic, Pine, etc., and go north a couple of blocks to get back on the Broadway path.

As a former commercial property owner on Broadway, I cannot even imagine what the road diet has done to the businesses on Broadway between Alamitos and Redondo.

In the private sector, we think before we spend!

Kevin Notrica

Belmont Shore

Let Boats Race

Dear Editor,

As a long time resident of Long Beach, born and raised, I want to inquire about the upcoming 2019 Sprint Nationals and position of Council Representative Suzie A. Price of the Third District.

It is my understanding organizer Ross Wallach is having issues with permit. This is a long-standing event in Long Beach and I understand after last year’s unfortunate event there is cause for more safety.

However, to disregard this long-standing event because of a few voices who do not like the noise is unacceptable. Every year I put up with the Long Beach Marathon that makes it difficult for myself to get in and out of my home in Park Estates. What is next — do we cancel the Grand Prix and Gay Pride events that bring in a tremendous amount of people to our great city and business and hotels benefit?

Yes, there is some inconvenience no doubt at Marine Stadium residences, but they did realize when they purchased their homes that there are boats that are in the Stadium. I would hate to see such a wonderful event removed and request permits need to be issued immediately.

Terance Miguel Beason

Long Beach

Editor's Note: The city's Special Events Bureau announced Monday a permit would be issued.

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